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I've recently rented a dedicated server with the intention of making a 'Humans vs Bots' server in Australia.
If anyone has ever played on one of these servers you'll notice that you can only ever join one team, as trying to join the other will automatically swap you out.
Also, the amount of bots on the server is based on how many human players are on the other team, usually at a ratio of 1:3, this is changed automatically as more people join.
Finally, class limits can be set on the bots, allowing bots to be set to all sailors or all partisans for example.

So here's my issue.
None of these options are available in the Admin Panel. Yet the admins seem to be able to change them manually while they are on the server.
I assume you're meant to code the game files themselves but I've looked it up and I can't find any tutorials on how to do this.

If anyone could please shed some light on this matter, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thanks  :twisted: :twisted:


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Hey Billius,
I'm an Admin on Mans Vs Bots Rebirth, the reason we can do the class limits and team swap things is that we have custom scripts made for the server. hope this answers your questions.


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Blaze is correct, you will need to use custom scripts in order to run it fluently with less administrative support.
That said, it is not awfully difficult to script, but it will require some effort to learn the module system.