How powerful should my server be to run a 200/200 Warband server with PW scripts?

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I want to start a Persistent Kingdoms server, and I think that it could be a good option for me to rent a virtual private server. However, I also have a spare PC, and I want to know whether it is going to be enough to run what I want. How to understand whether it is enough? What are the practical, real system requirements to run a server?

I tried to search for keywords like "server", "powerful", etc., but to no avail.

Thanks in advance for any help.
A guide on hosting dedicated servers has it (
Good CPU
A server will take a lot of CPU load, especially once it hits above 60 players.
CPU usage of a server raises exponentially with the player count, which means if 60 players are taking 60% of your cpu that 80 players might take 100%!
The warband server is Single Threaded which means if you have a multicore computer or server it will only use one core and won't use other cores if this one core is full.
To test how much your server can handle for CPU usage, just start your server later in this guide with bots, A bot takes about 50% of player CPU usage,
so if your server for examples is using 100% CPU with 200 bots your server can handle about 100 players. (Note that horses are seen to the server as bots so they take CPU usage as well!)
It must be noted that PK servers might use much more resources like CPU or RAM, as they host a module with more advanced/ resource-consuming scripts, triggers or mission templates. Your question cannot be answered correctly without having performed a testing beforehand.

Also, what are your needs exactly? Do you want to fire up your spare PC only for the purpose of hosting a massive event? If not, then renting a dedicated server is a much better alternative than having your gear run for all day long.


Use newer versions of WSE. They parallelise some bottlenecks and let you utilize more than just one core of the CPU.
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