How do I marry a companion that's doing this


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Alright now I've played diplomacy for a while know and I have established my kingdom (Well established in air quotes as I am a nearly successful Swadian Revolt) and I made Deshavi a Vassel, now when I asked to marry her she says no there are other suiters that have captured my heart, which is bull because there are no other vassels apart from her and Lord Grainwald, also Klethi does the same thing in every attempt I've done so. Now is there a way to deal with this because I am really annoyed that Deshavi is being stubborn and I have 100 relation with her for crying out loud, anyone who has a fix tell me


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That's just one of the default fallback responses, if script_troop_get_romantic_chemistry_with_troop returns a low value. Basically you can try raising your CHA to counteract the randomness.