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Help with Tweaks and Bugfixing

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Trying out Pendor with Tweaks - in particular, dani26795's collection + a few extras, but the biggest change would be trying to add 2 Noldor ladies for marriage, which I'm pretty sure is where I cocked up the installation because when trying to start a new game, it won't even load before a simple_triggers 'Unexpected Stop' happens and I crash. It's either that or the bugfixes I tried to install for the known issues/fixes of dani26795's collection.

Link here: https://pop3.fandom.com/wiki/Tweaks

Resetting my install for now, but could anyone help me with this? Most of the other tweaks I was trying for were pretty basic, just changing some numbers here and there, but really wanted to go for the Noldor marriage candidates this time.

Also, is this mod still being updated? Or is it considered 'complete' aside from bugs?
In case you can't tell from the total lack of activity on these forums, the mod has not been updated in years and the devs won't update it anymore. With that said, it is virtually bug-free, save for a few very minor rare glitches here and there. Going by the mountandblade subreddit though, a lot of people are still playing it to this day. You are more likely to get answers regarding the mod there.

As far as the tweak you are referring to, it does work. You just have to follow the steps carefully. Use Notepad++ as the editor, and make the edits manually - don't use search & replace. A lot of the wiki, as helpful as it is, was made by people who probably weren't native English speakers, so some of the directions are phrased awkwardly. Like I said, I've actually gotten that particular tweak to work at some point and had my character marry Iranith (sp?) in-game so I can confirm that it works.
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