1. Help with Tweaks and Bugfixing

    Title. Trying out Pendor with Tweaks - in particular, dani26795's collection + a few extras, but the biggest change would be trying to add 2 Noldor ladies for marriage, which I'm pretty sure is where I cocked up the installation because when trying to start a new game, it won't even load before...
  2. Lord Goodfella

    Tweak for selecting different quests

    Hello, First off, I apologize if I posted this in the wrong section. Please direct me if I did wrong. Here's the thing: I try to tweak the quests for my game (Warband withDiplomacy Mod v1.4), I tried to use the famous 82 tweaks for M&B, but the quests tweaks there don't work, the codes inside...
  3. Some questions about editing Mercenary Camps

    Hello! I'm looking for a way to increase the maximum amount of recruitable mercenaries from the Mercenary Camps and also change the rate that these camps will be refilled with units again. I have edited some values from the scripts.txt file, wich you can find in the module folder, to make the...
  4. SP EDIT: Solved! Please delete thread.

    Hi all, The tweak for increasing ship capture chance by altering menus.txt does NOT work anymore (version 2.06). Does anyone have an alternative tweak? EDIT: Sorry, my bad. I apparently tweaked the wrong numbers. Thanks!
  5. Vetrogor

    [Submod] Custom Commander chosing a companion as the commander before the battle

    Custom Commander chosing a companion as the commander before the battle. Credits to thermocline for sponsoring this submod, Rubik for creating Custom Commander and PoP developers team and comunity. I have made instructions for easy manual installation.
  6. frozenpainter

    SP Nova Aetas v5 Submod

    Here a submod for Nova Aetas, Including; -All kingdom troops stats fixed now more balancer troops. -All troops equipmant stats fixed. -Sword or pike thrust animation fixed. -and more... Download:
  7. [UNPOPULAR OPINION] The amount of "mods" on nexus will KILL the game

    There are currently many "mods" on the nexus page. I will discuss the current state by making successive assumptions : 1) The current "mods" are not mods. They are tweaks 2) Bannerlord's true mods are and will be swarmed into the utter crap that is the mod community right now. Impossible to...
  8. ManaWei

    Small tweaks that would improve gameplay

    I kinda feel like letting Smithing Stamina regen while travelling might be a good idea, it seems weird otherwise.. Like "Travel Time = Stamina Regen" same rate as waiting.. Adding the stamina number to the picture thumbnail in the smithy, or add a stamina bar to it.. Having the food unit...
  9. SP - General Player voice volume

    Imo the player voice volume, especially when giving commands, is way too loud. Adding a slider in the options for this or tweaking the fixed volume could improve immersion as I need to keep the general volume fairly low now to reduce the raised eyebrows I get from my neighbors ;).
  10. Increasing EXP gain

    Hello people This is more or less a modding question and I can not find a dedicated subforum for modding so I will try my chances here. Does anyone know if there is a way to tweak the experience gain so you learn skills / level up a bit faster? Currently it seems too grindy to me and you...
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