Helmet floating in front of body

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So I've been trying to move over some armor sets from one mod to another (for personal use of course), and the way I do it is to just replace some armor sets in openBRF with the armor from another and renaming it to the same name so it registers. I normally don't have issues with this, but this time I am. This helmet originally started by appearing on the floor below the feet of the character model when loading in, but after trying to rig it some more it ended up going into the abdomen, and now floats at head-level in front of the body (and it's my theory that it may have rigged it as a skeleton from the head forward, rather than from the feet up). The only thing I can mention is that this helmet did have a _inv item attached to it in openBRF, which I wasn't sure what that really does so I removed it. For context, this is Prophesy of Pendor I'm editing.

Here's the image of how it looks in-game currently:

And here's the image of what a normal helmet looks in openBRF versus what mine looks like:

Does anyone know how to fix this? Any answers would be appreciated!
The "inv_" prefix is used by the engine to make an image of an item to use it in a tableau (e.g. in the inventory). It is like an additional version of something which is not rendered in a scene but in a tableau.
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