Heavy Axeman and Veteran Infantry

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I've been drinking around with my Sturgia campaign and I'ma be a contrarian now and say that Heavy Axemen > Heavy Spearmen.

I don't know why, it looks like they shouldn't be on paper, but I get strong overall performance from them. They do better against cav, even, than the spearmen. I think it may just be that the AI just fails that bad at using spears or swords under the right conditions, whereas the axemen on hold fire won't futilely poke at things they should be slashing and chopping.

Using a dense shield wall formation, spearmen lose to equal numbers of cataphracts in custom battle testing too. Meanwhile the axemen shred them. They also do better against infantry.
Yes absolutely, their short fast and pretty hard hitting axes are built for the moshpits that are infantry fights in this game. And axes seems to fare better against armor too, I dont know how exactly but it seems too.

While the spearmen and the atrocious thrust mechanics make them a bit worse and this is again a plus for the axemen as they can do thrust animation with an axe.

This whole close quarter thrusting mechanics need a rework for thrust attacks to become usable (with spears and swords both, as it should be imo).

Edit: And give the axemen their cool plated warlord helmet back!!!
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Someone has to do,if we don't complain they won't change anything.
And I will make posts like this.

BTW,do you have some good mod that allows me to modify the current troops equipment and skills?
Mylittlewarband on nexus, you can change skills equipment everything you want even make a custom troop tree.
Does not work on the beta branch though.
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