Modded Game Crash repetitively on the campaign map

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Yes, I used mods.


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Have you used cheats and if so which:
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OS:windows 11 fam
GPU:gtx 4800
GPU Driver Version:nvdia 551.61
CPU:i9 13900hx
Motherboard:SDK0T76461 WIN
Storage Device (HDD/SSD): SSD 1To

the game crahs successively on the campaign map, butrlib shows no mods involved, i've done file verification several time, uninstalled the game with the mods also and after uninstall several mods that i were maybe heavy for the stability, but game still crashing randomly after i swear an oath to king and have my first fief. At that moment it can be ingame days or more or less, and then game crash.
Crashreport=butrlib gamecrash report
I have no idea of which does that because i removed all the mods that alter the campaign map, and before that, i played with all my mod list and heavier mods all the past months before january without issues !
Thank you for the answers !!
another question i'm unable to provide the butrkib report on that page any idea how i can do that ?
The crash you have reported originates from mods installed prior. Please note that we can’t support any modding-related issues. You can find more information about how to remove modifications here. If you can reproduce the same crash unmodded, please let us know! Thanks for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience!
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