Need More Info Game/ Campaign Breaking Bug. Main Questline Bug

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No, I didn't use any mods.
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Dont remember and identifier no longer on clipboard


Cant seem to post in technical help/ bug reports so not sure where to post this.


Character Imperial. Joined Aserai. Completed Dragon Banner. Gave to Unqid. Defeated the x3 Forest Parties sent to prowl near my Castle. Next stage is to defeat 'Conspiracy Party' sent to prowl near my castle. Defeated Party but you cannot collect the 'Conspiracy' Prisoners and when it moves to next window of collecting loot, game crashes. Tried twice, game crashed both times so unable to continue questline and therefore game.

Only Caveat is I havent tried defeating party alone as I had formed an army with one other Aserai noble because i assumed these would be hard fights but as it wasnt a problem with the x3 Forest Parties I doubt being in an Army makes any difference.




Yes after I posted it i discovered it was a quite well known bug :wink: I dont post often but when i do my posts seem to be popular. I started one a few months ago that is still going lol. Probably because they are intelligently written.

Anyway while im here just a quick side note of something I think should be implemented:

When the Player is caught by enemy Lords they have the option to offer money to escape and so on. I think the same fair rules should apply to help the player make money. If I catch an enemy Lord the option for them to pay to avoid combat at an amount balanced to their power should be available. It allows the player to make money too. I did a degree in Medieval & Classical History so I can say that if hypothetically a Lord was caught out with only a small guard, money exchanging and ransoming were seen as viable options. This game is still fair with fair rules applied but building the game in favour of the AI to try and make it intersting is a blunt method. If the player can pay enemies, enemies should be able to pay player.
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