In Progress For developers: Passes through textures, please fix

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There has been this problem for a long time, some people use passes through textures for unfair play, these are not cheats, so banning them for this is not right, I decided to make a video for the developers to fix this
All videos were recorded on the official Team deathmatch server

I recorded the passages on video, on two maps, which I know myself, but they are on all Tdm maps, these are the simplest ones.

In the first video there are two different entrances to one house.
Through the stairs and windows
Please fix the maps to prevent archers from using these positions.
I apologize in advance for the quality of shooting and video, choose 720p where available
Video access only via links, so as not to spread these glitches

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Hey, while our team is aware of most of these glitches i have forwarded the links to our QA team for further inspection. They will be adresses as soon as possible. Thank you for your time and sorry for the inconvenience.
Or just make those spot accessible,what's the problem on making some house interior likes warband? There are spots in those Maps that never been used likes the tunnels in North Town. Remove them and open some house for some good close combat!
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