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First impressions about the new version

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It's quiet, too quiet. Why aren't you guys saying anything about the new version? How is it? Tell meeeeh!


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I haven't played that much since the patch was released, but during testing the patch before it was relesed I felt that the guards are way better now and with these changes about being slowed when carrying a book makes gameplay a way better, too. You should really try it, its even more fun (in my oppinion).

Edit: Patta can't use the laptop he used to make the patch any longer. So he has to fix his Pc which can take some time...

Edit2: Fox has nearly finished a server viewer. Its a bit buggy atm, but this should be fixed soon (maybe we need another patch).


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At least I got internet on my PC now, I need to install some things and then It will run again I hope. And there is no Patch needed for the server wiever, only a server side patch maybe.


Well, i like the thing about Guards pressing q, the new textures are pretty cool.
But aside from that, the new version has not impressed me much. (No time lately, just tried once for 15 minutes, maybe I haven't seen everything yet)


The new version don't bring much new. Just a few new graphics, more sounds (including that the pistol sound comes from the position of the person who fired it) and (hopefully) better balance. The other changes (which can be found in the Changelog) are too small to notice I think or they are just for mappers and admins. But as Kekse said I'm working on a server viewer atm. And don't forget, it was just a small patch for balancing.


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Oh and Patta forgot to add one of the major features of this version to the changelog. Books will slow you down drastically. It's impossible to run away from a guard, when carrying a book now. If you think the coast is clear, you could take 2 or 3 books but this will slow you down that much that you'll be dead if a guard spots you :twisted:

It's now added to the changelog.
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