FinalMouse Ultralight and stable max fps in multiplayer

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Hey guys, I discovered a problem as well as a solution and thought I would share with you guys, as it will definitely help people down the line in trying to resolve issues.

I recently bought a FinalMouse ultralight and started using it instead of an old wheel mouse optical 1.1a and started noticing massive stuttering in multiplayer, where I'd freeze for up to 3 seconds at a time. After a lot of troubleshooting, it turns out that it was the mouse itself that was responsible (it really looked like packet loss superficially)

My specs are below:

8700k at default clock

1080 ti

16 GB of 3766 ram

Anyway, before switching to the Finalmouse, my stable max fps was far in excess of 500 (in which I played at), in testing I ran at 999 max fps with no issue. After plugging in the finalmouse ultralight, I had to drop the max-fps to 300 or it would cause long stuttering lag where I'd feel locked in place for several seconds at a time. I have not tested whether this issue is specific to the finalmouse or related to every mouse that has a higher polling rate, but it does appear to be an interesting issue.

So the take-away. If you're suddenly feeling stuttering in warband multiplayer after upgrading your mouse, you are not alone, test a lower max fps if you can handle it or a different mouse. If you don't have a different mouse, maybe downclocking the polling rate would help, but I am not sure.

Edit: Tested the zowie fk1+ as an alternate test. Turns out that it seems to get less stuttering, but still gets a bit. The Zowie-fk1+ is bad for warband though as it gets constant autoreleases.


Hi, i know you posted this 3 years ago but if you are alive, i have the same problem as you. If you want we can talk a bit about this i think many people suffer this but looks like not many of them notice this problem.


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