Unresolved Weird laggs appear from time to time

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Sup Community, I've been playing almost for years and never experienced such issues.

Sometimes, not regularly Im lagging like its a serverlagg,but sadly its not. Its just for me. Im moving slower than the rest and a couple of times on the same spot. I'll add a little shortclip including that lagg.

(Ignore the music, was radio :smile:)) )

If I check my, ping,fps,ingame settings,temp,hardware.. No signs of lags.

* In my background I only got teamspeak open and closed everything else, like steam & co.
* All drivers are updated.

* FPS: almost stable 300 fps
* ping: between 10-20
* temperature: cpu: 45, mainboard 30, watercooling 32.

* Graca: GTX1060 6GB
* CPU : AMD Ryzen 5 3600
* RAM : 16GB DDR4 Trident G Skill 3200Mhz (2x8 dual channel)
* Mainboard: AS ROCK B450M Steel Legend
* hard disc: ssd m2, ssd, hdd, all new, around 1,2tb space left.

If anyone could help me fixing this, I'll happily gift this person a little.


Knight at Arms
yeah should be on every Server. The weird thing is, sometimes I can play 2-3 hours and it doesnt appear once. And sometimes its just unplayable.

Atm, I'll try to play SP with my lan cabel plugged out, and check if its an internet based lagg or not.


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That is not ping/latency related . It is on your side only.

Ok first 300 fps is too high and it can cause that lag that you have . Lower fps to 200 first , also tell me , do you have brand names keyboard and mouse like Logitech , Razer or Steelseries....ect...ect... ? If you do , download their specific gaming software and go to mouse option where you can change DPI and pooling rate , put pooling rate of mouse to 125 hz. having higher pooling rate causesl lags in Warband.

Here is an example how it looks for logitech



Knight at Arms
Sup, Thanks for your suggestions.

My mouse is from roccat, and I'll check the pooling rate asap I'm home.
Keyboard is a noname- wishbrand - mechanical keyboard, which was fine from the beginning and didnt seem to be ****.
I already put the FPS lower.


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great , if it still lags , well it could be your internet but only if you are on Wifi , than i suggest you to use ethernat cable , its a must for gaming.

Also follow this guide , it will help you optimze your internet a lot.


Mister Tean

I had this issue when I was using VPN with the ip from North America (ping was european but the real connection was far from it), Maybe you should check your ip or contact your provider.


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This is an error that usually occurs. Playing on the server instantly makes it feel like the internet is breaking up and reconnecting. The solution to this is actually very simple.

1-convert wifi connection to cable connection. You may encounter this error occasionally when you have Wifi.
2-if you have changed the DNS settings, take a look at these settings again. It's usually because of this setting.
3-If there is a problem in VDS that provides these servers, you can get this error in the same way. You need to talk to the hosts.
(What I'm talking about; Warband_Server_1 / 2 / 3 etc.)

And finally, if no solution has worked, I want you to rewrite it here. In that case, I can help you better.
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