[Fief voting] Upstart lord and Soverign getting disproportionate amount of fiefs

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Joined Vlandia which is steamrolling everyone. A problem I noticed is that the Derhert and a newly-defected lord Oros were basically getting every new fief. If Derhert is on the vote, he wins. Otherwise, Oros always wins. Right now Derhert has more than 10 fiefs and Oros has 5.

There needs to be a penalty for uneven distribution of fiefs and recent grants.
It seems to often prioritize the lords which have little compared to others, and other times it's just plain unfair and your vote means nothing.
I've even seen one extremely egregious case where a Battanian lord had his city besieged. Then seconds before the siege begins, he defects and joins my faction, and is afterwards awarded the city he just abandoned.

At that point what can you do other than throw up your hands and go "bruh..."
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