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Summary: The battania "skirmisher" troop type uses "Fian bracers" which has a 18 armor rating for arms. It might have been interverted with Fians.
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The "skirmisher of Battania has a weirdly strong glove armor for its tiers (T3).
upgrading to Veteran Skirmishers (T4) see that piece of armor being downgradd. (much less armor for the arms).

It might be related to :
Maybe Fian and Skirmisher gloves were interverted in some data files. (my train of thoughts is that Skirmishers are what would have been an archer branch on the troop tree. So maybe there's confusion in data file with the nomenclature with the fian which are archers but on the elite tree)

The fact that this piece of armor is downgraded on upgrade to T4 veteran skirmisher also point in the direction of an issue rather than a intentional decision.

I also did some testing in "custom battles" and found out that Skirmishers tends to perform much better than "trained warrior" (same tiers : T3) in melee with holding fire. (max number, single troop type vs T3 melee equivalent of empire, no player intervention aside from setting the formation to "loose" for both)

I found it odd since Trained Warrior are supposed to be the Melee specialist while Skirmishers are supposed to be a throwing/melee specialists.
Might be because of that set of gloves that makes Arm armor too strong (side slashes hits arms).

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Forwarded to the QA team for further investigation. We will reach out again if we need more information. Thanks for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience!

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I've been informed that this is not a bug but an intended design choice. Thanks for reporting.
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