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1. There are 2 quests need to be fixed. They are too hard to finish and they will reduce the prosperity of both village and town if I don't do them.
The quest "Need help with brigade", please reduce the required brigade group from 8 to 1 or 2. This quest is not only take a long time, but also can't be finished with cheating.
The quest "Escort caravan" takes too long and it is not rewarding enough.

2. AI armies on campaign map should not go after the enemies which are faster than them. I can kite AI armies all the time and stop them from doing anything.

3. Join a siege battle that already started fighting has a small chance to crash.

4. Please reduce the amount of warhorse troops in AI armies. Warhorse is a tough restriction on players that limit us from getting high tier troops, however, AI lords can still generate a lot of warhorse troops without buying warhorse. This issue makes Fian Champion become overrated because it is the only tier 6 troops that does not need warhorse. Also, the easy warhorse troops for AI lords makes them too strong. Players can't really afford to lose warhorse troops due to the inflation and the shortage of warhorse.

5. The regroup time for defeated AI lord should be increased, and the amount of their free troops should be reduced. I did not confirm this but it seems that the released AI lords can teleport to one of their towns and gather dozens of men instantly with very poor wealth.

6. Please give us an actual fight instead of losing a certain amount of men when we are trying to break into siege with a small group of troops. The player should be able to pick a fight to breakout instead of surrender to be the only option when they failed to sneak.
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