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I had patch 1.143 in Mount & Blade : With Fire and Sword but why did always my screen got black and unplayable although the sound and other aspect are still running well, yes I heard this because HDR option turned on, but any means to solve this bug so I can play this game with HDR turned on and no black screen anymore ? Please give me some solution  :sad:
Just came across a rather terrifying bug when I was attempting to resume my game in Singleplayer. I have a computer good enough to play Fire & Sword with no problems until this happened:

1. Open up Fire & Sword
2. Load Game
3. Load specific game
4. Crashes

I don't know why this happened. There might be a bug I passed on during that save and somehow corrupted my files, quite a let down to see a level 25 go to waste and 1.4 million thenars with him.
i have a problem with these scouts for the sweden they follow me around and when they get me a dragoon says no talking on the post sir how do i get ride of him 
i have a problem with the sweden this scout follows me around and we he gets me a dragoon says no talking on the post sir but then they keep following me saying it how do i get ride of him
I ordered a helmet from Ladyzhyn Fortress, it was sieged by Cossack Hetmanate. I got it back, armor-master is nowhere to be found. Do I just wait for one to show up or was it 80 thousand thaler down the drain?
Yelisei has a portion of dialogue from one of the Native companions.

"But I do not count myself unlucky, stranger, no more than any other woman, in this fetid backwater, this dung heap amoung the nations, populated by apes and jackals."
there's a bug where the musket/carbine you are holding when you reload it in 1st person it sometimes moves position in your hands, it looks like it aims upwards.
michaelgerrard112 said:
plz helppppppppp meeeeeeee weapons keep changing and no it is not from mouse i even bought a new mouse and nothing changed ... plz help!:/
Wtf are you on about? Putting grammar and abit more detail into your comment would help out.
There is a bug in black mack story, when you have 200 or more in your party then a copanion back to your army, you ll lost about 50 soldiers of your party.
Excuse me.. I have a problem.. I can't reload my rifle or muskets in Fire and Sword.. I saw my friend can reload the rifle.. Is this a bug or there's a control to reload the rifles?
So basically just an elaborate complaint about how buggy the Deluge quest is. Took it early not realising I was committing to a storyline, so now can't be a merc or vassal until I take Warsaw. Bear in mind, I'm supposed to be able to just show this letter from the king to some friendly nobles then head for Warsaw. I haven't even got to the bug other people have described where they all wander off at the last minute. At lewast there's no chance the poles will take the place without me, since they're now at peace with Sweden!

My letter from the king is useless because as far as I can tell (and the only way to tell since I'm not a vassal is find a warband and ask everyone what they're doing...) the king is marshall and nobody except the marshall will follow me with the letter, except the king is the exception to that and won't. Even though it's his idea. I took 100 elite mercenaries to have a crack at the 400+ garrison on my own, tried to poison the well to even the odds but got discovered. At this point I find I've gone into the enemy city without my weapons (apparently I took someone else's though...), shield or armour and am faced by a literal firing squad. I get captured and my weapons, the double-barrelled dutch pistol, balanced scottish broadsword, black armour and bespoke helm I apparently wasn't wearing in the first place get confiscated. First off, there's one dubious command decision that I should probably have had some choice in making. Send an underling! So anyway now that's like two weeks and almost half a million thaler spent on weapons and armour before I can even try again. When it does finally work, obviously I'll  lose all my troops going in outnumbered (at least 60000 thaler to replace them all with well-equipped recruits and time taken to level up again...) probably be captured again, and morale will be crushed with each wave meaning the garrison will be replaced while I rally my forces for the next go. In Warband, I've found it gets pretty hard to get an army over around 150, so grinding won't fix this either. Basically there's no way for me to win, even with a income from my huge investments in Minsk, and being a decent level, well-renowned soldier and popular with the nobles and king etc. etc.  Yet somebody could probably fix this pretty easily by coding in something that makes the nobles say "yeah, sure I'll follow you, if the king says it's important". FFS someone do that.
my party size limit keeps dropping from 100 plus to 56, keeping the soldiers I had before (example: 111/63), this ruins every gameplay, it happens EVERY TIME. It stops me from recruiting anyone else and applies the 63 max limit if my army size goes under this number. Lost a bunch of saves with hundreds of days of gameplay. Its unfixable. Nothing changes these numbers, not even cheats. someone help me to solve this pls
Does anyone notice the village map icon bug after the game campaign has started around 5 second and then after that it turns into native warband icon.....Does all of you know that WFaS game has their own unique town/castle and village icons not the same as in Warband?
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