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Yes, I used mods.


In large battles, my game would crash in the middle of it
It only seems to happen during large battles that last a long time
I also have both butterlib and better exception windows installed but neither would generate a stacktrace on crash
I looked at the file generated in the bannerlord crash folder and I only see reference to native code
I asked around on the modding discord and people said it was likely an engine exception
I havent had such frequent crashes in 1.6.1 so Im not sure what changed in 1.6.2

#[email protected]{3BE7E27749BE445CB1CE6D147BD1AD65} (1): 0:5449390 #[email protected]{3BE7E27749BE445CB1CE6D147BD1AD65} (1): 0:6061789 #[email protected]{3BE7E27749BE445CB1CE6D147BD1AD65} (1): 0:6065695 #[email protected]{3BE7E27749BE445CB1CE6D147BD1AD65} (1): 0:6032537 #[email protected]{3BE7E27749BE445CB1CE6D147BD1AD65} (1): 0:5370901 #[email protected]{3BE7E27749BE445CB1CE6D147BD1AD65} (1): 0:933238 #[email protected]{3BE7E27749BE445CB1CE6D147BD1AD65} (1): 0:2106497 #[email protected]{3BE7E27749BE445CB1CE6D147BD1AD65} (1): 0:2106296 #[email protected]{3BE7E27749BE445CB1CE6D147BD1AD65} (1): 0:2110183 #[email protected]{EE98F0843F40858DC51E8E564ADED5DF} (1): 0:136386 #[email protected]{89C3B9FD1C796A0F430E0CEF0646F003} (1): 0:94164 #[email protected]{01DEFFF845AAA742EA34488610D487CB} (1): 0:315073 ----------------------------------------------- at TaleWorlds.DotNet.Managed.GetStackTraceStr(Int32 skipCount)

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Were you able to see the crash uploader tool? If you can upload your crash to us we can check it out. Please don't forget to copy the Crash ID and write it here so that we can find it.
More info about the crash uploader tool can be found here.
Have you checked out these threads about our Crash Checklist and Common Issues and Workarounds? They can help you find a solution as well.
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