Empire Factions Interactions

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How should the Empire factions interact?

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Jarl Malcolm

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Oi folks!

This is my first post, but I've played Warband for years and I've been closely following the development of Bannerlord,
So far, everything looks great, but I wanted to know if anybody had information about the interactions of the three Empire factions?

Will/should they be allowed to be at peace with each other?
If two of the three factions are defeated, will the remaining faction become the proper Calradic Empire? (Instead of Northern/Western/Southern)
Do the different Empires have different successions? (Western : Best general inherits, Northern : Elective, Southern : Primogeniture)

I like that, in Warband, factions cannot be defeated without the help of the player, but I reckon the Empires should not abide by this rule; they should be able to defeat one another to see one arise as the Calradic Empire with their own succession, colours and heraldry.

So, tell me what you think, should they be treated as regular factions or as constantly warring states until one emerges as the Calradic Empire?

Edit: Information about the poll:
-Constantly at war until one emerges as the Calradic Empire : There should be an option for the weakest faction to surrender to one of the other factions in case they are all on the brink of destruction.
-Three regular factions : Like Esce III. said, they should always be looking for a way to undermine the others even in times of peace. Maybe they shouldn't be able to make trade agreements or alliances, but could make a truce to join another's war but only to defend the Empire territory.
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Esce III.

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I think they should be able to make peace, otherwise players would tend not to play with them unless for a challenge. Swadia in Warband suffers a similar fait, with its constant wars it can be difficult to even hold your land and expending the kingdom, is kinda depending on luck, unless you realy force the win by speedrunning or wait until the broken factions stability lames the factions.

The three empires should fight often, looking for chances to destroy one and pull strings in the back, but make peace for tactical reasons. A possible threat, treason and the thrill of unstable peace are more apealing for me, than unending wars.

If another faction grows too strong the Empire might unite again, to be able to fight back, with a high chance of the continuation of the civil war, but as long as they fight the greater evil they stand together.


Knight at Arms
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i want three regular factions, but i do want an option to unify the empire, but what would it do, thats the question, as far as we know, Theres not mechanic like in Hearts of Iron, where you have core and non core areas. Giving a bonus for unification could also prove too powerful. These 3 factions should ofcourse always start at war with each other, but peace should be an option if fighting goes into a stalemate.


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A faction that's constantly deadlocked in a war with 2 other factions would be severely weakened. Then again the imperial civil war should be a major event in the game that feels separate from the other wars going on. The empire factions should adopt a defensive stance against non-imperial factions and during truce periods constantly try to get other factions to attack their rivals. Imperial NPCs should offer quests that undermine the other factions even during times of peace, and a player aligned with one empire should be a persona non grata in the other factions. For example you shouldn't be able to get troops from notables in the other factions or attend noble feasts.