1. ThompsoniusIV

    Short arming sword blade

    Within the smithy, you can forge various blades. Only some blades have the same name, is that a bug? There is also on called "Short arming sword blade" and it has a golden circle imprint, which is not in the name, but another blade with same feature does have it in its name. Are they just being...
  2. Donnahal fen Drunbroch

    The High King: Aeril or Uthelhain?

    Right, so, let's begin. I'm a sucker for lore, and doubly so for anything Battanian related. So, I was going over the DLC's Travels in Calradia, specifically the Llyn Tywal chapter, in which Aeril (and his neice!) is mentioned by name, solidifying that Aeril is his first name. I've always been...
  3. BL Coding Learning rate decrease formula

    Does anyone know what is the exact formula beyond the progressive decrease of learning rate between the learning limit and the hard cap of a skill? I’m trying to make a spreadsheet for Bannerlord’s characters, I know how calculate learning limit, hard cap and learning rate before you reach the...
  4. Will be more updates and fixes?

    My question is easy: will be more updates and fixes? I have the game for one year and a half right now, and now I see a lot of bugs that shouldn't continue there. The problem is that this is the release version so I'm not sure if they gonna fix that bugs. For example, I love the mechanic of...
  5. Discussion General Unknown crash report

    I recently played around 3 different saves all with the same mods and noticed that the game will run fine until around an hour or two in and then will crash with the following report. Upon trying to reload the save I will be able to move around on the emap for a minute or so before it crashes...
  6. SeniorsLord

    Bannerlord Music in Youtube Videos

    May i use the background music in bannerlord to record a video from the game for youtube, without warrying about copyright strike ?
  7. Fugitive status

    Hello everyone!! Just for curiosity, someone knows that the fugitive status means and what consequences have? I seen some nobles in the enciclopedia with a log saying "Leosios (for example) is fugitive. What means that? Can I execute Leosios or bring him into any city for a bounty? There is any...
  8. amoc

    Save compatible 1.8 with 1.9 or release build?

    Hi there, i want to start new game after 2 years not play bannerlord. I know it will release 25 October, but anyway i have now freedays :) Its there any information/Dev dairy/Dev post about save compatible? Specialy with thats builds(1.8/1.9 ->relase build)
  9. WB Other Uncapped skills

    I am a new warband player, recently dive in to the mods, and saw that in PoP and Perisno, there are troops that has more than 10 skill points in a skill, how does one do that, i've been using morgh's editor and saw that 15 skill points is represented as the letter F, which i assume it's hex...
  10. mount and blade: banner lord coming to Mac?

    Hey everyone, So before y'all start screaming: "Mac sucks, get windows" etc. pls understand that I just don't have acces to Windows right now. So my main question is: Will banner lord ever come to Mac? And is this in the near future (0-1 year) or is it gonna take 1year + or never? Thanks a lot...
  11. BL Scening Melee infantry & Cavalry, not pathing. Bug or pathing change?

    I've returned to an old scene project in the 1.8 banner-lord build. For some reason, Mine and enemy Melee troops & Cavalry won't move at all. Their ranged counterparts, on the other hand, function correctly. The above also occurs in newly created test scenes. It has been a while since I have...
  12. changing other Clans ruler

    Is it possible to change the Leader of other Clans?
  13. Ser Daeron

    Change faction ruler

    Which file can I edit to change the ruler of a faction?
  14. Ser Daeron

    How to mod a start

    I really want to roleplay as Stannis in Clash of Kings, so I was wondering, how do I change the ruler of Dragonstone to the player like some modders do for Native warband?
  15. ButtonSmasherr

    Are lord defecting going to be a thing?

    I'm curious about this. In Warband when you started a Kingdom and when you checked your castle your sometimes had a lord waiting for you to tell you they would like to serve you as their new king. In Bannerlord that doesn't happen, even though I see lords with literally -50 with their king. It...
  16. IsakMDMA

    Are e1.7.1. saves compatible with e1.8.0.

    As the title suggests, my question is if 1.7.1 saves are compatible with 1.8.0? Thank you in advance!
  17. Discussion General Zoomed out world map only rendering 12 zones

    I'm helping the team with Realm of Thrones mod and after 1.7.2 the map (16x native) is now only rendering 12 tiles. Before it was rendering everything. I didn't see anything about any changes to the worldmap and was wondering if anyone saw something I missed?
  18. question or just a place for discussion

    What can we know about the progress?What's coming up? What's Talesworld's plan for the coming year?Do they building up the whole frame of the game,and will publishing them when they are fully completed?Or,the current frame is what all they have planned in for the game in the past project,and...
  19. TheVigilantWolf

    Agriculture Estate [1.7.0]

    Hey guys. Does anyone have the Agriculture Estate mod for 1.7.0? Rumor was it was updated to that version before kz dipped. Google result brings up an archive link for 1.6
  20. Companion incompetence.

    I have posted this in Reddit but to no avail. Twice I have given a fief missions to a companion (with 15/20 troops) and twice they have failed despite having 0% failure chance and twice all the troops were lost and the companion vanished. I managed to find the first but the 2nd isn't in the...
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