1. Can MP Armour/Weapon selection go back to the way Warband had it?

    Its 100x better and going off a lot of MP players, majority of players miss the old way of choosing everything you wanted, not a preset.
  2. Start up launcher keeps crashing after recent update

    I have tried to fix it by verifying the files and even uninstalled and reinstalled it without fixing it and i am using e1.5.6 main branch. I don't know what TWs have done, but they are screwed it.
  3. lukkyb

    Where has the idea that Taleworlds arent gonna add any more compelex features come from?

    Ive seen this said many times on the fourm in other topics but i want to know why people think this since i havent seen any of the devs say this?
  4. lukkyb

    Why are some of the textures so low quality? (1.5.6)

    Here are some examples i saw in the empire towns (havent been elsewhere its my first start of 1.5.6) here both (Above) the icon and the outfit seem very low quality and here (Below) the head gear is ok while the icon is low quality has anyone else notcied this and is there a reason for this
  5. lukkyb

    Genuine question how is a non-class system better?

    As in while i like player choice i feel that surley its alot harder to balance in the long run and not have one or two Op broken builds now ive not played a huge amount of MP but i did like the options of the classes and felt form what i played (a few versions ago) that the classes were ok and...
  6. Fell

    Please restore / implement "One Step Ahead" (Tactics ability)

    Please restore / implement this skill. It sounds pretty cool, and the AI often get this already. (Tactics) One Step Ahead: Allows you to place your troops before all battles. In e1.5.4. this is no longer present according to Bannerlord Perks Is it ever stated why this was removed (I know...
  7. Fell

    Barter (give) fiefs to original factions ?

    Anyone know, or tried bartering/giving fiefs back to original factions with the 'Everything has a price' skill ? I currently have trade skill of 202, but my character is getting quite old so I don't know if I will get there in time to try this, despite investing character background in trade...
  8. BL Scening How do I solve the crash problem in the Siege map?

    I made a siege-only map and confirmed that the equipment used in siege equipment appeared. But as soon as i press the Start button, i get Crash. I don't know what the hell is wrong with me... I saw the article about Stephenbk1, but I still don't know what the problem is. What I did Navmesh...
  9. Any update on Children?

    I haven't played in a couple of months now and have seen multiple dev posts about updates but have never seen anything involving the children. When I was playing back in June children would basically never grow up. Has this been fixed and the long-term family aspect to the game been implemented...
  10. Aging mechanics, and what happens after you and first lords die.

    There's lots of conflicting info out there, so thought I'd ask here. What exactly happens after you die, and what happens after first lords die? Children take over, right? So can they marry, get pregnant, and do all things that can be done in ''beginning'' of the game?
  11. What happened to KhergitLancer80?

    This probably seems like a really odd question,but a few years ago when I was following the forum,there was this user called KhergitLancer80,who was really active and I basically saw him as one of the "figureheads" of the fanbase. I have now seen that he is banned and became very curious.Could...
  12. [Question] accessing CrosshairWidget class

    Hello, I'm working on a simple mod that disables the hitmarker on melee weapons but I got stuck on something. First I tried to disable hitmarker in xml files (just deleting some nodes in Crosshair.xml file, I knew it would affect the optimization very badly, but could not find another method)...
  13. lukkyb

    Other than mods is there a way to fix shield walls

    What i mean is say i just went on a recruiting spree as i had a bigg battle and took many losses (i won by the way) when i next go into a battle and set my infantry to sheild wall the new pesants will form part of the front line while there are dudes with sheilds behind them leading to there...
  14. How to get the lords to support me in a fief election? (1.4.2)

    I have 700 influence and my clan is tier 6. I already have 2 castles and 1 city but the city I conquered is near my fiefs. The problem is nobody votes for me and Rhagea just overrides the majority opinion anyways to grant herself her 13th fief even though she only has 3 influence (reduced her...
  15. My Clan Parties Are Not Generating Notable Relationships.

    I used to create armies that fully consist of my clan's parties and rest in towns to keep getting relationship gains with the notables in the town. In my latest playthrough though, at version 1.4.3, this is no longer happening. Is it no longer a feature? Was it unintentional and got removed? Or...
  16. Avenir et ambitions

    Bonjour,Bonsoir Je ne suis qu'un simple amateur de sel à l'honnêteté trop aiguë pour être tenu en laisse. Je me permets de procéder à la création d'un compte - et tout le blabla - dans le but d'obtenir une réponse. Et si finalement,ce produit n'était qu'une mauvaise plaisanterie ou...
  17. notables power - what is it doing?

    as the title says, what is the power of a notable do if anything?
  18. Mod for Fixing Troop Settings Loss Bug (IV - VIII) when Reloading?

    I think once I saw a mod which fixes the annoying bug that some of your troops (and companions) lose the afixed numbers of what section they have to be in (higher then III (so horse archers, skirmishers, light cavalry, and so on) when you reload a save. I cannot find it however. Does anybody...
  19. Fikiy

    Can AI Lords marry??

    So with 1.4.1 out, can AI lords now marry with AI ladies??
  20. Any official word on Geforce Now?

    I myself am not using it but I know many people are and with the new changes developers will have to decide whether players can play their games on the Geforce Now services. Any official statement on whether Taleworlds will allow it or not? Thx guys!