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  1. Companion incompetence.

    I have posted this in Reddit but to no avail. Twice I have given a fief missions to a companion (with 15/20 troops) and twice they have failed despite having 0% failure chance and twice all the troops were lost and the companion vanished. I managed to find the first but the 2nd isn't in the...
  2. Ananda_The_Destroyer

    With moral changes in 1.7 are moral damage perks better or worse? Tech check request

    I would like to know how moral damage is actually working now and how much the +5-10% moral damage perks are doing. Keep in mind with the ability to set yourself as captain you can have things like Heroic leader + Annoying buz/thunderous charge more easily on one captain. Previously, troops...
  3. Random relation increases gone?

    anyone very know what happened to companion led parties doing quest, I don't know if it was removed or changed but i used to just get random relation increases from my parties doing quests or whatever around the map. now all they do is patrol... was it removed or am i wrong and it was trade...
  4. Ananda_The_Destroyer

    Is the fief election actually a % chance? I though it was set when you vote but now I'm not sure.

    So I took a second town as a vassal and then I got to vote and depending on how long I wait for votes I get a 27-33% vote from vassals bringing me to 50% when I vote for myself with 100 influence, however as you may have guessed Derthhert votes for himself and gives it to himself, that's how he...
  5. Cancel Quests?

    Can you cancel quests? -Escort Caravan quest- I was escorting the caravan, and after the battle, the caravan was no longer on the campaign map (did the caravan die?). Anyway, now I have an "Escort Caravan" quest sitting in my quest queue (can't do another escort caravan quest because there...
  6. Ananda_The_Destroyer

    I have questions about the order of battle screen and splitting groups in combat.

    First I often enter a battle and am show an "empty formation" icon like this and can't start the battle until I get rid of it. ^what's this trying to tell me and what's the point? What I do is I click the infantry and and a sword icon to it, then it show I have an empty infantry formation and...
  7. xGreedo

    Reduce the noble line troops

    Because you can find the noble line troops as easy as the normal troops and in my opinion and this is a problem. I'm curious of what people think about this.
  8. JeffJeffreyJefferson

    Warband Machinimas

    does anyone know if there are any good mods or tools for machinimas? and btw should I use custom battles for machinima battles?
  9. PeasantOP

    How to increase HP for modded troops

    How to increase HP code: <NPCCharacter id="BT_sturgia_mercenary_army_01" default_group="Infantry" level="26" name="{=BTSturgiamr01}Ulfhednar" hp code place here????? occupation="Soldier"...
  10. Version Change

    First of all ı dont know where can ı learn this answer if I mustn't post here ı am sorry Just wanna learn Now ım playing 1.6.4 version today bannerlord shared beta 1.6.5 if ı update beta 1.6.5 my 1.6.4 save gonna disappear or can ı play 1.6.5 with my old save ?
  11. Safety_Tree

    Best use of Skirmishing Units?

    Hey, so I’ve been getting more and more into skirmishers/hybrid infantry in captain mode, but the outcome seems hit or miss (pun intended), especially with Sturgian Brigands. Are there any tips you would like to share in using them effectively? All answers related to “they’re trash don’t ever...
  12. So what's the plan, exactly?

    Probably the 100th post of its kind, but here goes anyway. The way I see it, Bannerlord has broadly two aspects to its gameplay. The first is the systemic sandbox portion that you mainly interact with via the overworld map, NPC dialogue, settlement capturing/village and caravan raiding, and...
  13. Lazregamesh

    Quick question, Does an emissary improve relations with village elders? or is it just town notables?

    I am asking because i think i want to raid villages to starve the big battanian garrisons :devilish:
  14. Confused about mercenaries

    I've been confused about mercenaries for a while now, and haven't found any answers online. From what I've read, they get paid per influence, but from what I've seen they usually quote a price. The mercenaries I talk to never quote a price: They say "Please have a look at our terms and see if...
  15. RodLimitless

    riding perk question

    cavalry tactics or mounted patrols? (riding 9th tier perks) if i'm clan leader, does it mean on all the settlements only or villages too, there will be more mounted troops (elite troops) that will volunteer? thanks
  16. kalashnjkov

    Shooting a bow with mail mittens, can it works?

    I have this new question and eager to see the answer from my favorite historian - matmohair1. All discussions are welcomed.
  17. RodLimitless

    Steward Perk Question

    I'm on the 5th tier of the steward perk on 1.6 and I'm not sure which to decide between Giving Hands or Logistician. How exactly does giving hands work? For my governor companions I chose for them to have Logistician because I feel tax income is more secure/steady than tariff, but for my...
  18. RodLimitless

    frugal vs spartan??

    for the steward talents, which one is best long run??? the 5% party cost decrease or the taking away penalty for single food items?? like how much would spartan boost morale by, and does high morale help before battles or it's just so trooops wont desert ?
  19. DennyWiseau

    I have a quick question

    Never mind
  20. Mods in 2021

    Hey wollte mal fragen, ob es noch einen Mod gibt, bei der man viele Banner in seiner Armee während dem Kampf haben kann. Ich meine eine Mod wie "Bear My Banner". Ich suche eine, welche unter der 1.5.10 noch funktioniert. Leider wurden viele tolle Mods ja eingestellt... Würde mich auch sonst...
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