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RobinWar said:
A pretty much new team, has some solid players, but not all are good players. Pepper played very well, but I wonder how they will perform without him. Obviously, Peter is a great cav, but I am not sure if he will be able to do it himself :grin: (Will update more here)
No, all of us are super pro... but usually half of the team is drunk.

Miracle Express said:
Rank: 6
Team: WinkyFace
REASONING: It is Wolfpack with some additions from CCC and DoF. I am not sure how much they are active, so I will stay quiet about them.
CCC is active in promotion and advising WinkyFace in financial issues, we also hold 49% of their stocks... but there arent any CCCs in their team xD

The track record of the best of NA coming to Europe has been quite lackluster but let's say for hype purposes I think ggez will win the entire tournament, as they in fact should.


We have decided to ban ggez for their repeated rude behaviour towards one of our administrators. Anyone to fight them will be given a default win.

i hate you so much gorcock


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_Osiris_ said:
i sense salt in the future of this thread, better ban it now
I sense salt somewhere else... would you like us to follow your own advice in dealing with it? :razz:
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