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Use this thread to rank each clan/team by which place you believe they will have in the tournament. You may add new power rankings to your post when you like. Here we combine both rankings and discussions about those rankings. So discussing your rankings is encouraged, but is not mandatory.

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1 Balestra
Great guys!

▶ 2 Brothers of Meridian
OP Bros!

▶ 3  Cheshire Cats Clan
They meow a lot!

▶ 4  Fearless
They are fearless!

▶ 5 Followers of Charon
They have big apple trees

▶ 6 ggez
We basically just win lol

▶ 7 Kattegat

▶ 8 Kingdoms of Andale

▶ 9 Knights of Malta
Malt balls!

▶ 10 Nordic Veterans
Big axes!

▶ 11 Panda and Friends
Bamboo is good!

▶ 12 Rising Rivals
They rise a lot!

▶ 13 To Be Disappointed
Nothing to lose!

▶ 14 Tranquility


▶ 16 WinkyFace
More potatoes! with lots of  :wink:

Credits: Rhade for idea


I hope I did this the right way, don't know whether I had to add all 14 or not, but did it anyway because I like it.. :party:

Rank: 1
Team: Fearless
REASONING: They have good teamplay and they've beaten the favourite title contendors 12-0. *cough cough*

Rank: 2
Team: To Be Disappointed
REASONING: They have very good teamplay, and a solid roster.

Rank: 3
Team: Tranquility
REASONING: Small roster, nice to work with, got some good individual skill.

Rank: 4
Team: Rising Rivals
REASONING: I just don't want to put myself on number 1, too much pressure if you ask me.

Rank: 5
Team: Knights of Malta
REASONING: They won ECL1, but since they're missing key players; bomba, Doener, Kragen, I think it'll be harder for them.

Rank: 6
Team: WinkyFace
REASONING: Basically Wolfpack with a few additions, never disappoint people, so I expect them to do well.

Rank: 7
Team: ggez
REASONING: Some of the best NA players that are currently active, wK + tK, scary combination, although I think it'll be hard for them with 100+ pings.

Rank: 8
Team: Cheshire Cats Clan
REASONING: Some of these players have been playing together for a while, so I think they'll have some good teamplay, they also played very good in the ECS, so I expect them to do well in the ECL aswell.

Rank: 9
Team: Panda and Friends
REASONING: They got some good indiviual skill, solid archers and cavs, they could be a surprise this tournament.

Rank: 10
Team: Brothers of Meridian
REASONING: Some good players, haven't seen much of them.

Rank: 11
Team: Kattegat
REASONING: These players have been playing together for some time, so I think they'll reach this mainly because of their teamplay. Also they got a couple of good individual skilled players.

Rank: 12
Team: Balestra
REASONING: I've played against Balestra, and I think they aren't that strong right now, but after some training they can come far.

Rank: 13
REASONING: Don't know much of their players, but the players I do know can add some skill to the team, and could win them their matches.

Rank: 14
Team: Followers of Charon
REASONING: New clan I think, yet to see anything from them. Surprise me! :smile:


Sergeant Knight at Arms
Rising Rivals:
RR lost quite heavily against Fearless. It was unexpected, furthermore it surprised all of us. RR has the potential and the players to win ECL 2. Looking at their roster, they have some of the scene's strongest players, such as Max, Kiano, Feanor, Svan and Tallie. All very good players. RR is definitely the clan in ECL 2 that obviously has the best archers in the game. Tallie is leading RR, and is a great commander in my opinion. One thing that can bring RR down is their communication. Half of the team is not able to communicate well with English, I hope that won't be the problem. But the key of victory is obviously communication. In my opinion, it should not stop them from winning ECL 2, since all of their players knows how the game works,obviously. They had a terrible start, moreover I am quite certain RR is on the road again, and will be able to win against the upcomming opponents. I felt like, the match against Fearless was a ''warm up'' for RR. RR has beaten some of EU's best clans in trainings, though trainings means nothing. But still, it does not change the fact that RR is probably going to win ECL 2. If they are going to play like they did against Fearless in the whole tournament, then obviously it is not going to work. Or am I wrong? if RR just work on the communication they are going to be a sick team, they al ready are, but they can improve much more.

I am not quite sure on this one, there are loads of team that can reach the 2nd place imo. However, they had a good start against RR, and if they continue playing like gods, they can probably win ECL 2 as well. ECL 2 is obviously going to be a great tournament, there are loads of great clans in it. Fearless has some sick players such as Garde, Airelhach and Pusiak. All 3 very good players, but I am not sure if it will be enough against RR in the future. In my opinion, Fearless players so **** good sometimes, and sometimes they underperform. It varies. Yet, Fearless is a great clan with loads of potential. On the other hand, Garde is leading Fearless. I am very interested in seeing how Fearless perform in the upcomming matches.

To be Disbanded:
Most of us see them as BRO. I am quite sure we all see them as BRO. TBD, seems to have a great roster. I hear rumors about Shema playing for To be Disbanded, I am not sure if it's true or not. If it is, TBD can perform very well in all their matches. Yet, I don't see them winning against RR or Fearless. Obviously, TBD is a great team, good communication, nothing should go wrong unless the communication is an issue. Guppy is leading the team, and I am quite surprised about that. Jarvis has always been leading the team, but now Guppy is. I am curious how this will end. Hopefully, TBD will still be able to win some matches even though JarvisAndPi is not commanding. TBD has some good cavs such as Hippotitis and Kabrux. Kelsier, MightyJackson and Jarvis are all 3 decent archers at the same level. Yet, I am sure TBD archery will be able to perform very well. I am sure TBD deserves to be rated as the 3rd clan. Firstly, I was thinking about putting them as 5th, but I changed my mind. Secondly, they are like Fearless, they play either good or terrible. Moreover, I am happy having them as 3rd clan.

Has some very good players such as Kragen, Khefren, Cramer and Headhunter. Headhunter is a dangerous archer. Cramer is a very good infantry, so is Kragen. Khefren can pretty much play anything, very good turkish player. If not, one of the best Turkish players. Kragen is commanding Tq for that matter and Apollo is organising matches. As far as I am aware of. Tq is another great clan, I can see them beating pretty much all clans, but for now they deserve the 4th place. (I will be editing this post when I have seen the 1st matches being played) Apollo is new to the game, decent archer player. Tq seems to be in need of more archers, I don't think Headhunter and Apollo will be enough. Or to be honest, it won't be enough. I have no clue if Donut is still playing, if he is, he is a great cav player, but most knows him as a troll. Donut is very good, and could be helping Tq loads in matches. Hopefully, Donut is playing cause Tq really needs him. I am not really familiar with rest of their players though, that is why I don't want to rate Tq higher, or judge them too much :grin:. It will be interesting to see how Tq perform in their first match, I am very interested in seeing that. Maybe they win, maybe TBD win. No one knows.

Knights of Malta:
Nothing special to be said. They don't have Kragen which could be a big loss. Who knows, maybe they will surprise us. Decent roster. Habi and Disturbed are probably their best players. Habi is a very good Austrian infantry, quite famous in cRPG as well. I think Habi has improved loads since I saw him the last time, sometimes he is shining, sometimes he is not :smile:. Disturbed, was in Wonwokie for some time, but have no clue what happened to him. Is a great cav, but someone told me he won't be playing that much. Hopefully he will, Malta really need the cav players. Avantro is another decent cav, maybe he and Disturbed could be doing something nice on the fields. I wonder who's commanding Malta when Kragen is not there. Maybe it is Unicorn who was in Fearless. But is now playing for his old clan Malta, once again :grin:. Malta is probably the team I am most excited to see playing. They have been inactive for such a long time now, maybe they are rusty, maybe they are not rusty. At least they have performed very good in their training matches, hopefully they will in ECL 2 as well. I'd rate Malta higher if I would have seen them more often. I don't know if they maybe should be changing their place with Tq, no idea. We'll see how Malta performs, I am sure we all want to see how Malta perform in ECL 2.

Brothers of Meridian:
Got some known players, and some unknown players. Obviously, we all know Smiley is their great leader and a great archer on the other hand. Smiley and Violet, strong duo. Both dangerous archers. New team, so much can't be said about them. They have loads of decent players, looking forward to see you guys play as well. Halian and Pilgrim, both veteran infantries are playing for BoM. But will it be enough? Time to find out :grin:. They have also Berg, new Swedish player to the scene. Is improving more and more. Will be cool to see how he perform. Other than that, nothing special to be said. I might add something else once I have seen some of their matches.

Sick players in the team. Hopefully they can deal with EU ping. I am quite certain they will, seeing them having Thunderbeu, Tito, Can, Oodle and so on. Oh god, their team is strong. Hopefully their ping won't stop them from playing well. I see them beating a couple of clans, but I don't see them beating RR or Fearless. Tito is a great commander, so is Can. Let's see what will happen in their first match.

A pretty much new team, has some solid players, but not all are good players. Pepper played very well, but I wonder how they will perform without him. Obviously, Peter is a great cav, but I am not sure if he will be able to do it himself :grin: (Will update more here)

Decent team, seem to be Wolfpack + some friends. I have not seen Wolfpack playing in the past, not many of the players in their roster seems to be active though. Maybe they should be rated a bit higher. Greed is probably commanding them like he did the last tournament.

Kingdom of Andales:
French team I guess. Got some great players such as Shush and Maximou. Both very good infantries. Seem to have a decent roster. Seeing them adding more and more good people to their roster is interesting. But we'll see how they perform in this tournament, their last tournament did not end so well :grin:

Panda and Friends:
Has some solid players. Both their leaders are great commanders, have no seen them playing much, so can't really say anything special about these guys.

Seen their archers playing on IG BG, deadly archers. Will be interesting to see if they can perform well in matches.

Has a couple of decent players.

Has a couple of decent players.

Nordic Veterans:

Followers of Charon:

Edit: I hope no one got offended XD. I will update my post once I have seen more of the clans in the future :grin:
Im really unsure of how this ECL will go :razz:

I think Fearless TQ and RR can all win and its hard to put them into positions in the top 3. I wouldnt pin tons of hope on TBD bein top 2-3 considering its more casual and hasn't been doing training scrims, I think ill judge TQ more after the match vs TBD
Rising Rivals
To be Decided
Brothers of Meridian
Cheshire Cats Clan
Knights of Malta
Kingdom of Andales
Everyone else

RR imo is the obvious pre-tournament winner, they have great players in their roster although I'm unsure how well they play together.
To be decided (BRO) could definitely take this as they're also solid. Think they'll be the ones to beat other than RR.
Tranquility has a few really good players among average others, so if they can play around them they could definitely do well.
ggez could win if they conquer the ping as some of the best American players are on that team (but we all know EU is better right????)
I've put Fearless pretty low but I think anyone in the top 5 has a solid chance.
BoM despite being new actually seems quite good, although their roster isn't the best they work well as a team, so I think they'll be the surprise this tournament.
Won't comment on CCC as I'm in it, but we're similar with WinkyFace when it comes to 'how we feel on the day'.
WinkyFace is experienced and has some really good players like Slow, so I think if they're in their game they could do surprisingly well.
Malta doesn't look as good as it has in the past so I'm not expecting much.
Andales is probably below the others I've commented on but I wouldn't put it past them to surprise me.
I'll assume everyone else is below these guys as I don't know much about them, but I hope to see some surprises ^^


Grandmaster Knight
Rank: 1
Team: Fearless
REASONING: I will not be humble. We improved a lot and learnt a lot from our mistakes since beginning of ECS. After first spawn against RR, we already decided to win 12-0. Since I take the lead, there is no acception to not punish mistakes. This was the main thing that I thought after RR match. We will do it again. Against many clans. Teamplay, bravery and confidence.

Rank: 2
Team: Knights of Malta
REASONING: It is always advantage when you play with a team which knows each other well. They can always rely on each other because they know each other well from last years. They all speak German I think and it is really important to talk native language because of warnings and teamplay. After doing some inf fights against some of them, I could say also they are really tough. Confidence, Consistency.

Rank: 3
Team: Rising Rivals
REASONING: They have a lot of players which played top tiers clan. Actually that means, RR can get carried by them in hard times. It seems like there is communication problem because they have a lot of Russian guys. I wouldn't put them into top 3 clan for ECL if I would only think of last match on Friday. But it is just the beginning, I really believe they will have some kind of harmony soon. :smile: Skill, Experience.

Rank: 4
Team: Tranquility
REASONING: They lost so many guys and so much attention on the game lately. This is the reason I put them here. They got Headhunter and Khefren for this tournament. They have so many diferent people and we will see if they will get some kind of harmony soon.

Rank: 5
Team: To be disbanded
REASONING: They play so much together, they are together so this friendship gives so many good sides in battlefield. Jarvis said that they are not up for training matches but they will still do good job in this ECL I believe.

Rank: 6
Team: WinkyFace
REASONING: It is Wolfpack with some additions from CCC and DoF. I am not sure how much they are active, so I will stay quiet about them.

Rank: 7
Team: ggez
REASONING: Apparently they have some of best players in NA and let's see.

Rank: 8
Team: Cheshire Cats Clan
REASONING: They showed us that we shouldn't underrestimate them after the match against Wolfpack.

Rank: 9
Team: Brothers of Meridian
REASONING: They got some good players, I think also they know each other from ImB but Smiley said to me that they will not play against ECL teams during ECL. It is pretty bad idea but let's see.

Rank: 10
Team: Panda and Friends
REASONING: I see some of them on IG, they play good but I am not sure about matches. I never saw them in matches.

Rank: 11
Team: Kattegat
REASONING: I could say that they had some good players actually.

Rank: 12
Team: Turan Birliği
REASONING: They are the first clan I think which tried 6 cav and 2 archers on Fbtr. They are playing together for like 4-5 years. So I expect them to surprise us.

Rank: 13
Team: Balestra
REASONING: I only know Nexoner in this clan. I am a bit ignorant.

Rank: 14
Team: Followers of Charon
REASONING: Turkish new clan, they have much way to go and improve.


Miracle Express said:
Smiley said to me that they will not play against ECL teams during ECL. It is pretty bad idea but let's see.

because we started just before ECL, and since no one knows us realy, we want to keep it like that till after ECL :p
so no one knows what to expect when they fight us in the official match  x) after ECL will just fight all teams again :razz:


Knight at Arms
ImB_Smiley said:
Miracle Express said:
Smiley said to me that they will not play against ECL teams during ECL. It is pretty bad idea but let's see.

because we started just before ECL, and since no one knows us realy, we want to keep it like that till after ECL :p
so no one knows what to expect when they fight us in the official match  x) after ECL will just fight all teams again :razz:
But that means also u wont have alot of Trainwars, except you want to play against ECS-Clans like Kurwa/DGNR/Unity ...
&. not later than after your first match, the most Clans can expect which perfomance will happen, when u play agains them :grin:

But ye thats your decision, Good luck with that &. as Bullsara said "Lets see"  :shifty:

-btw. cool thread:smile:


Grandmaster Knight
Nice thread, might make a ranking later aswell ! And Robin u forgot about Miguel as archer in Tq and Ice/RitteR as main cav in Malta ! :party:


Grandmaster Knight
Ascarion said:
Prince Apollo said:
That's not your problem so leave him alone. He runs his clan how he wants. Not how you want.  :facepalm:

hahaha we're friends, so I'll wish only the best to him :b


Interesting idea for a thread, also interesting to see the lists and reasonings posted so far.


Grandmaster Knight
REASONING:From the matches we played versus the other teams i think we are able to win this tournament so i am optimistic.

REASONING: hardest opponent in trainings. Eventhough they have this high ping they are still a very good team.

REASONING:They are new but they have some quite good players like Smiley, Violet and Walwin :wink:

REASONING:They have some good players and with Bullsara also a decent commander, i am pretty surprised by how well they do.

REASONING:BRO team + Shaemaforass. Lots of potential but not tryhardering enough

REASONING:Some very good players but I don't think they can carry this team hard enough :p (+they have tallie so they auto lose 12-0 every match :roll: :wink:)

REASONING: A team with a few solid players but without Greed as Commander they don't stand a chance vs most other teams in this tournament imo.

REASONING: They seem to be quite decent. GoldKick and Baga~Kagan seem to be good players and Merdo seems like a solid archer. Also they are 2handed nubs :wink:

REASONING: Alene carry this :smile:

REASONING:Monopoly Traitor :0

Kazupa said:
-thank you for warm words...  :roll: :ohdear:

Team:Knights of Malta


Kragen said:
REASONING:Some very good players but I don't think they can carry this team hard enough :p (+they have tallie so they auto lose 12-0 every match :roll: :wink:)
Atleast RR has a leader that can command and play on a good level at the same time, instead of sitting in spec :party:

Oh no wait, Apollo is native's best archer XDD
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