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Oh boy, I did not expect all these awesome news today! Having it one day early and with a 20% discount is a dream! I wish we knew more about missing features, but it's almost harvesting season!
Thanks, TaleWords, may we accompany you in this EA journey


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I'll just copy paste what I said on the other thread

A little annoying that it doesn't say what you CAN'T do, and what you can do is already known and pretty vague. And it doesn't confirm if marriage, permadeath, and things like that are removed or kept. I do want to know what I can expect to miss besides forming my own kingdom (which I never did in Warband, oddly enough) and "some aspects of sieges, and clan, army and kingdom management."

But that annoyance is quickly overshadowed by the hype of everything else and an early release! I'm so excited. I'll go to bed on the 29th, and wake up early just to buy and install Bannerlord.


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You can just ignore the campaign and it's the same thing. Or if you finish the campaign you can continue in the sandbox.

Do you have information on regional prices?
The game will be regionally priced. You will be able to see regional prices on each of the storefronts. Unfortunately I don't know and can't list all of them here.

Modding tools will come when the full game releases. As for the modding dev blog it's not happening.
I will post the answers we had planned for that on the modding forum later today.


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Thanks so much TW...makes actual Situation much more enjoyable. Keep the good work.
I'm really proud that you guys exist and give us such brilliant work.
Stay healthy!!!!!!!


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Permadeath is unnecessary and meaningless feature for a game like M&B. I hope there is an option to turn it off, this game is not "Grand Strategy" type game like CK2.