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Hello. I am using up to date game and modding tools(e1.5.7) I made a desert scene for scene contest but having problems with "desert_border" assets and randomly scattered rocks&bones assets by using material layer's flora adding system.

I want to disable all "snow" effects off from my scene; i managed to disable the ones i can select from entities by using "Inspector - Flags - Not Effected By Season" options. But the ones i mentioned earlier; Paint Layer's Flora Meshes keeps their snow on top of their meshes in winter season in game; I tried to "copy floras from summer" option on winter tab; also i tried "revert to summer" options again on winter tab; none worked so far. Sometimes those look like they dont have snow effect on when changed in editor; but in game, or by re-opening the scene they revert back having snow on top.

Also "desert_border_x" meshes i used as outer meshes are using their "desert_border_mat_x_winter" materials even after changing them to their original materials; they simply revert back using winter materials. Here are some screen shots, please help me so i can remove all of those unwanted winter effects on top of rest of the assets and finally complete my scene, thanks.

PS.All of the images are from testing the scene in game as custom battle map.
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Forwarded to the developers for further investigation. We will reach out again if we need more information. Thanks for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience!

Murat Türe

In these kind of scenes, where there is no need for snow, we handle it by making sure that the game logic does not spawn this scene with the winter season. It this a village or town scene?
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