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  1. Yaco

    In Progress Scene Editor Game freezes when doing any terrain elevation.

    The game completely freezes indefinitely when I try lowering/rising/smoothing/flattening the terrain. This error pops up at the bottom: Assertion Failed!c:\develop\mb3\taleworlds.shared\source\base\fairytale.libaryzrgIVec3.h:1354Expression len_sq >= FLT_MIN
  2. Need More Info Scene Editor Main Map memory leak

    2023-12-28_15.50.00_9e7148eda0d731c4c83bf67f5c30ab61 Summary:Editor using up all availible memory and crashing video driver. How to Reproduce: Download Game + editor -> Load editor with custom module as only extra module -> open Main Map SceneOBJ -> Wait Specific Tool: Scene Editor? Media...
  3. Snorri

    In Progress Scene Editor v1.2.7, test function in scene creator "Start Mission" don't work.

    Summary: since v1.2.7 "Start Mission" in scene creator don't work. Moding Tools just freeze, no bug window. How to Reproduce: Use test scene "Start Mission" or "Start Mission As..." in scene editor on v1.2.7. Specific Tool: Scene Editor Media (Screenshots & Video): I feel no need for photos...
  4. Snorri

    In Progress Scene Editor Scene editor v1.2.7 can't save interior scenes, tools crash.

    Summary: Modding tools crash douring saving some scenes since v1.2.7. How to Reproduce: Save changes in some scenes in mooding tools editor., for now I confirmed it for: - taverns - keeps Specific Tool: Scene Editor Media (Screenshots & Video): I feel no need for photos, just a simple crush "*_*...
  5. Cant load flora mesh

    I am designing a siege map and put some flora but when I test it via editor it is only loading a part of it. If anybody knows how to solve this please write it down
  6. LizardWizard420

    Resolved Scene Editor Grid sizes being reset to 0.85 on map bake

    Suddenly I can no longer bake at a grid size higher than .85, no matter what I set any map it reverts back to this. This grid size is impossible to work with and increases map file size by a huge amount. I have tried deleting every folder and reinstalling bl, updating all my drivers etc but I...
  7. Suspicious_Man

    Resolved Scene Editor FPS stuck at 6-8 while in edit mode

    Summary: As soon as the scene editor opens, my FPS drops to between 6 and 8 while I am in the editor. As soon as I tab out of it, I am back up to 144. It is making the editor impossible to use. I've verified files but nothing needs to be downloaded/fixed. I have tried lowering settings and it...
  8. Resolved Scene Editor Terrain not loading in

    As the title suggests, the terrain is not loading in when I open a scene up. I can see all the assets and everything but the terrains height map does not appear to be loading.
  9. Bullero

    Scene Editor Texture Editor How to improve scene creating

    Hello, have a bit of scene creating expirience (1500 hrs in scene editor) I really have lots of fun creating scenes for mods with current (1.9 beta) mod tools and want to say that TW did great job on this field. And here is my proposals and thoughts how to improve scening post release. 1...
  10. In Progress Scene Editor Game crashes when I custom battle test a map I have baked

    No crash on unbaked maps I have made. Only on maps I do a full bake on. Have done a clean install. Summary: After doing full bake on a scene, the game crashes when I try to test it in custom battle. How to Reproduce: Run full bake, save bake to local, save scene to sandboxcore, copy map files...
  11. Gsälzbär

    In Progress Scene Editor Random Objects crashes the scene

    Summary: Since 1.8.0 some object crashes the scene when you try to load the map in the testmode,Singleplayer or Muliplayer after removing the object it works again but it happens again after few objects. its not the the same object, every time a different one. Console gives no error about it How...
  12. bbelasto

    Assertion fail whenever I try to load a scene (Beta 1.8.0)

    When I am trying to load into a scene the same error appears everytime ("Assertion failed" and or contact Abdulltalif.. followed by a crash) I tried reinstalling both the base game and the modding kit multiple times on different drives, nothing ever changes. I also tried to delete all other game...
  13. Bullero

    In Progress Scene Editor Color changes on flora entities

    Before 1.8.0 Beta, when you changed color of the tree in editor, in most cases it affected only tree foliage and not tree trunk, it was good, because it give an option to have tree colors variety, which is important, especially during autumn season. On 1.8.0 Beta, when you change color of the...
  14. Resolved Scene Editor Weird black areas on screen in custom scene

    The title says it all. Sometimes when viewing my scene, parts of the screen go black, in odd patterns. Here's what I get when looking at my scene in the editor and in the game from certain places (see top-left corner): I am on version 1.7.2. I've had this problem before, but forget what the fix...
  15. Resolved General Flora Layer not working in game

    It seems like with 1.7.2 the functionality of the flora layer function for the terrain paint tool went broken. Screenshots in following order 1) "normal" editor view 2) disabled editor view 3) in-game view
  16. Need More Info Scene Editor Adding layers corrupts my save

    I currently have 5 layers on my scene but if try add another layer it corrupts my save file.
  17. inter17

    HELP how to test if NPCs work on custom scene

    im making my own custom scene but trying to figure out how i can test to see if NPCs walk around and do tasks. ive followed pretty much all taleworlds navmeshing points but i do not ever see NPC walking around or even spawned, do i need to test this on main campaign town? and if so how?
  18. inter17

    cant log into multiplayer

    CAN SOME DEVELOPER PLEASE FIX SOMETHING. i bought this game when it was warband. i cant log into bannerlord online and my custom scenes terain flicker and are unplayable for the reason. SOMEONE ANYONE HELP. its been 3 damn weeks ffs
  19. In Progress Scene Editor Invisible and Bugged Terrain Paint Layers on 1.6.2

    Summary: When testing a scene in-game, only the base terrain paint layer is every visible, nodes that are nearby the player are completely invisible when viewed at certain angles, nodes that are far away sometimes show a saturated version of the base layer. This is new to 1.6.2 and scenes that...
  20. Nordous

    In Progress Scene Editor Scene Editor - Nav mesh - can't drag-select and toggle Face / Edge / Verticle This clip demonstrates that I can't drag-select nav mesh faces and verticles, I also cannot toggle between 1,2,3. Sometimes it just works, sometimes it doesn't. Note that I have the 'select nav mesh' mode enabled. Restarting the game helped (it crashed, of course)...
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