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  1. Worlok

    Broken main map scene after hotfix

    Any ideas how can I fix this in my mod custom main map scene? Please help... After the last hotfix the scene editor crashes during scene openning with lots of these errors. I have seen this before but cannot remember what was the root cause. This is a custom mod with it's own hightmap and...
  2. Resolved Scene Editor Black screen when rotate view after navmesh manipulation in face mode

    This has been happening for 1.5.8 and 1.5.9 editors. When try to edit navmeshes for Main_map, if one is under face selection mode, and say select a face. Then try to rotate the view (alt+right click) (but not pan), the entire screen will go black. Console message says "Could not set listener...
  3. Worlok

    North and South is wrong in SE and game

    Hi TW, Can you please confirm the poles North and South are playing any role in Bannerworld? I discovered that these poles are flipped - North is at South and South is at North. So if I keep the proper poles for my new europe campaign map the map is upside-down in game... Do I need to keep the...
  4. AlbertFaubrein

    How to read data from a scene ?

    Hi there, I need help to understand a difficult topic: I want to know how can I read data from a .sco file. A project already do this (SCO Wrapper) but I don't understand C languages... All help is welcome.
  5. Worlok

    Resolved Scene Editor Broken terrain textures in scene

    Does anyone have any experience with such broken terrain texture as this? The terrain is configured and painted completely same still in some location it shows ok and after some line it is broken...
  6. Swordsman

    In Progress Scene Editor Disabling Winter effects in Scene Editor

    Hello. I am using up to date game and modding tools(e1.5.7) I made a desert scene for scene contest but having problems with "desert_border" assets and randomly scattered rocks&bones assets by using material layer's flora adding system. I want to disable all "snow" effects off from my scene; i...
  7. Kazet

    Resolved Scene Editor 1.5.7 and 1.5.8 - Layers getting mixed together upon deleting a new layer

    Hello, Minor issue (saving will resolve it) when deleting a newly created layer that has been moved down in the layer hierarchy. Tested on custom map as well as empire_village_003 (in 1.5.7 and 1.5.8 beta). Steps to reproduce: 1- Create a new layer (any textures) and paint with it 2- Move...
  8. NPC99

    In Progress Scene Editor e.1.5.7 smoothing tool not working correctly

    Previously, the scene editor's elevation brush browser in smoothen mode would smooth out pixellated artefacts (see spoiler) giving smooth terrain. Unfortunately, this no longer operates correctly on e.1.5.7 If I use the smooth tool, it just rearranges pixellation (node resolution 512 x 512...
  9. Worlok

    Resolved Scene Editor Scene editor crashes terrain resize

    Summary: When I try to resize my current terrain the tool crashes. How to Reproduce: Open my scene, select terrain and try to resize the terrain Specific Tool: Scene editor Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 Home 64bit GPU: Radeon RX550 4G GPU Driver Version...
  10. Need More Info Scene Editor Mesh Blend Layer issue , snow texture, winter season

    Once I hit save for my scene, while in winter season, every entity that is affected by the mesh blend layer for the snow texture I am using, gets a blue colour to it. Also, if I now try to erase some of the winter texture, it causes heavy lag in the editor. The blue colour is not visible...
  11. Need More Info Scene Editor Two bugs with seasons

    First bug: valley flowers (red, yellow etc) became into green grass when I change season from summer to fall, winter or spring. Second bug: I can't make decal invisible in winter, when I remove check mark from Winter in Season Visibilities, decal is still visible and I can't click on it.
  12. apoionuz

    BL Scening Crashes when loading the scenes - Kaydedilmiş sahneyi yüklerken hata veriyor sürekli

    Crash Identifier Number: 2020-12-26_09.48.24_2364775fc644fd880af23fd2e907a872 Specific Tool: Editor Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 (Up-to-date) GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050Ti GPU Driver Version: 460.89 CPU: Intel i5-8300 RAM: 16GB 2666MHz Storage Device (HDD/SSD): Corsair MP-510 SSD Scene...
  13. Kazet

    Resolved Scene Editor No Painting tool and Terrain Node visual

    Allo, I don't have the painting tool green radius visual nor the terrain node white selection box anymore. I can still paint and select one or several terrain nodes. I just don't have any visual feedback on those tools. Not sure if it's related but it happened to me after switching to 1.5.5...
  14. blanketParty

    Need More Info Scene Editor Adding custom props to scenes CRASH

    DUMP : 2020-11-28_20.41.32_5dec7ad26709fe8c3ce6200f58945cb4 So I have followed the procedures, added my props to a native map, And tried to view the props in game via custom battles. When i choose the map and load in. The game either crashes, or attempts to load in , i can here the theme...
  15. BL Scening Outer Mesh Textures reset.

    Hi guys im using Outer Mesh A for my outer mesh because of the nice square cutout and want to apply the Valley B material but every time i test or reload it reverts to the Desert A material no matter what i do? any ideas why?
  16. Solnear

    Need help to fix a problem that keeps crashing the editor

    Hello everyone, So when I try to add in any of the outer meshes besides the three sided outer mesh. I've send a crash report but I'm not sure if it just something that I'm doing wrong, if anyone knows how I can fix this issue it would be very very appreciated. I'll also link some screen captures...
  17. Nordous

    Resolved Resource Browser RGL Content warnings on every start-up, always ignore not working, resource browser bug

    The game gives me 5 error messages like this for keepmesh.lod5 - 0, then app problem notification and always ignore? window for each error appear each time I launch Bannerlord. Pressing OK for ignore won't work, it happens over and over. I have imported a few .fbx files earlier before I...
  18. In Progress Scene Editor Some bits of terrain have the wrong texture in test mode

    So when I open my scene in the editor, it looks right. However, in test mode, some of the terrain has the wrong paint layer. The first few times I ran this scene in test mode, this problem was not present. I think this problem only started happening after adding a few terrain paint layers and...
  19. Weasel Logic

    Resolved Scene Editor Modding Kit Crashes upon Opening my Map

    Basically described by the title, if I choose to open my map, that worked fine just before I had saved it, it doesn't open and closes the modding kit. Crash identifier: Easily reproduced by just double clicking my save file. Using the scene editor in the modding kit. Computer Specs: OS...
  20. Scene paint keeps glitching.

    Everything seems normal in the editor, but when i test Run the map, the paint textures get all diferent and brighter. I couldn't figure it out by myself, anyone has any idea what is the cause of the problem? i Cant´t seem to upload the images to the post. before:
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