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Even as a 'DLC' it's embarrassingly basic and bare. Cool, you got some person to write a 1-pager on each faction and read it, photoshop some layers of armor variations, and copy&paste some dev blog images from previous posts onto it.
Now to have to audacity, at this time to have it as a sellable DLC at ~$10? When the full release game is still ridiculously bugged, crashes, unfinished, etc...?

No one would blink an eye if this type of 'deluxe companion' DLC was released much later, but pulling this move less than 2 months from a 'full' release? When there hasn't even been any significant fixes to said release until probably February?


Since a digit means a finger or toe I wondered if they were introducing rings which could add to the diplomacy, or story depth, but no. I would really rather they work to make the game function as intended than things that make things worse. (now the game does not open properly as it used to for me) TW, please fix the game before adding more stuff to it.


I am waiting for the addition of the possibility of creating a family. I might even buy it. There are definitely not enough npcs in the sandbox.
This is a pointless thing to buy, it’s not even a real commodity. Doesn’t change the map appearance does it? Doesn’t add any life to your companions either… no in-game content. Where’s the point?
Not exactly the release most had in mind, but I like it, hopefully some of this world-building will be brought in-game as well. I appreciate the lore.

Also, you guys missed the chance to call in Bureau of Barbarian Counterintelligence, you know, so you can say the Empire had a BBC...

I'll see myself out

(P.S. - you spelt Husn Fulq wrong)


Where’s the point?

And of course for expanding the lore that also doesn´t really happen ingame.
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