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In Progress Daily gold change crash

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Game 100% crashes on daily gold change, completely ruined save anyone else having same issue?


One thing that worked for me

For me there was a small gap between getting the daily income and the crash, I made a save, waited for the gold to come in, pressed escape and saved in that small gap, I’ve not had a crash since


1.0.4 patch solved my save problem but created this new bug. 3rd or 4th daily gold change crashes my game. So after 2nd daily gold i save my game and after that day i have to start the game again bcs of crash. Its annoying.


Same issue, and the 1.0.4 patch doesn't fix it. I started the game, and after several daily gold changes, the application crashed nearly 100 per cent. When I dismissed all the troops, it seemed that this issue temporarily didn't occur. However, as long as I recruited new troops, this "Daily Gold Change Crash" recurred. Very unplayable. Help!
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Hi, I've informed the developers about this issue and we will find a fix as soon as possible. In the meantime, please update me if the new patch has solved the issue.
Having the same issue. Tried getting around it all sorts of ways using the dev console module but to no effect. The most I was able to do was put it off a day by rapidly pausing/unpausing through the day change so that the gold notification didn't happen (not even sure the gold change occurred when doing this).

After 40+ hours over three days I suppose I needed a break anyway, but still looking forward to resuming the game once a fix is released.

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Happens with me too. I havn't tried making a new save but I already made it so far in mine. I have a kingdom, I convinced a Asaeria clan that had to members to join me. Had around 1 million denars.
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