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Basically title. I know that for some reason, that I haven't seen a passingly decent explanation for, TW has decided that the players shouldn't be able to customize their army anymore and has given us these fun filled auto-sliders that sometimes work maybe if you prayed to the right gods at the right times and more often than not forces troops into the entirely wrong formations and I have just accepted that, I know there is a modder out there somewhere that will fix this and allow us the indepth control that we are used to having, and need, in M&B games. My concern is more within the battle. Once a fight has progressed for a while and troops are all over the place, cavalry dismounted, archers out of ammo, ect... it would be very nice to have a way to reassign those troops to different formations, for example moving the dismounted cavalry back into the infantry line instead of them just running around wild after the rest of their formation. The current auto-slider has no clue what to do when you try to transfer troops and very handily just splits the transfered troops between mounted and dismounted so if you try to swap them over you end up sending a bunch of mounted troops to the infantry formation and leaving a bunch of the dismounted troops still running around like chickens with their heads cut off.
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