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Custom Server: Starting a match with just bots.

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Hi there.

I'm trying to set up a custom server with just bots to mess around with. I've managed to set up the server using this tutorial from 'Stradex'. (Great explanation btw).

So I get the server up and running, I can connect and I have bots in there. But the match won't start. It just stays in the warmup until the timer expires.

Also tried modifying the "MinNumberOfPlayersForMatchStart" from the config text I set up to 0 or 1 and it still won't start. Is there anyway to force the match to start?
(Also have 'mentalrob's' chat commands set up if that helps)
In Counter Strike, I remember there was servers that had bots when no players and then when players join, they would take a bots place and the bot would be removed, eventually the server would be full because people join the servers with high player numbers. Would be cool to have that in Bannerlord MP
@Welcome_To_Hell Cheers for that. I take it such a mod doesn't exist already?
Well, no because it would just be a mod consisting of a change of a couple of parameters, why would you publish a mod for such a small thing and people would need to download it for it to be compatible with their game. **** choice from TW that this needs a mod, but any mod that just exists for this purpose is useless.
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