custom server

  1. Kingclonetrooper

    The Korean Custom Server, a petition from our community.

    Our Korean users can play the game normally only if they use VPN because of High Ping Issue like Chinese users. Korean multiplayers quit Banner MP due to high ping and continued VPN payments and moved to other games, and BannerOnline. I am very interested in Modding, so I look at the discord...
  2. maximus1541

    ??? : Hold my breath until the Custom server is released!

    is written on the tombstone, Professor.
  3. UsainVanRudisha

    Oceania Servers

    This post is on behalf of the OCE community, and other neglected communities. The purpose of this post is to receive a definitive answer from the devs as to why the OCE region (among others) continues to be neglected; we have no captain mode, no skirmish, and no battle mode. We have no...
  4. In Progress Switching team while choosing class.

    Summary: In battle mode, you dont spawn if you switch team while choosing class. How to Reproduce: After finishing the round, while the screen show you the classes to play, press ESC and and click ¨change team¨. Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: GPU: GPU...
  5. A custom server that hasnt been notice.

    With the release of custom servers and addition of Battle Mod I have found curious why this server has 0 players. It sad me a bit, because I thought for sure the community that plays siege daily will switch to there, yet they are still in the EU one. Perhaps they havent notice it, so I bring it...
  6. Goyyyio

    The South American issue and a pledge for Custom Servers

    First of all, let me say that the game has been incredibly playable now, the performance updates have been amazing and the game has never run so well on my computer, props to that. The reason I say playable, its because even after two years, the NA servers still crash (even with 16 people...
  7. we need custom servers asap

    me and my friends really like to playing MP. but the server is empty expect brain damaging TDM server. looking forward to play skirmish or siege but it took forever to match making. and when match making finally got a match, it is unplayable because of the ping. it really frustrating. i just...
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