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While working on compiling information for troops trees I decided to pull the information for custom items into one place.  I didn't search to find out if this information was already present, but from previous searches I don't think it is.

I only included the information that I thought was important, so difficulty rating isn't included.  It should give a decent breakdown of the basic important attributes for each to help folks make a decision.

Information was pulled from the file.  For anyone interested these items all include 'zakaz' in the Item ID.

Melee Weapons
Sorted by weapon length
NAME:Hand-crafted Czekan		LENGTH:70	SPEED:79	SWING:29p	
NAME:Hand-crafted Damascus steel Saber	LENGTH:90	SPEED:93	SWING:32c	
NAME:Hand-crafted Saber			LENGTH:95	SPEED:100	SWING:29c	
NAME:Hand-crafted Rapier		LENGTH:100	SPEED:106	THRUST:30p	
NAME:Hand-crafted Broadsword		LENGTH:105	SPEED:85	SWING:32c,THRUST:24p	
NAME:Hand-crafted Pole-axe		LENGTH:120	SPEED:80	SWING:36c

Ranged Weapons
Sorted by accuracy.  Ranged damage is listed as THRUST.  Melee stats not included
NAME:Hand-crafted Carbine		ACCURACY:78	SPEED:29	THRUST:90p	
NAME:Double-barreled Wheellock Carbine	ACCURACY:79	SPEED:30	THRUST:77p	
NAME:Double-barreled Dutch Carbine	ACCURACY:80	SPEED:32	THRUST:80p	
NAME:Dutch Pistol			ACCURACY:82	SPEED:63	THRUST:81p	
NAME:Double-barreled Miquelet Pistol	ACCURACY:82	SPEED:44	THRUST:80p	
NAME:Double-barreled Dutch Pistol	ACCURACY:85	SPEED:46	THRUST:85p	
NAME:Hand-crafted Bow			ACCURACY:93	SPEED:90	THRUST:27p	
NAME:Tatar Bow				ACCURACY:94	SPEED:91	THRUST:25p	
NAME:Hand-crafted Turkish Musket	ACCURACY:95	SPEED:39	THRUST:103p	
NAME:Hand-crafted European Musket	ACCURACY:97	SPEED:40	THRUST:97p

Head Gear
Sorted by armor
NAME:Hand-crafted Tatar Helmet	HEAD_ARMOR:47	
NAME:Hand-crafted Morion	HEAD_ARMOR:50	
NAME:Hand-crafted Reiter Helmet	HEAD_ARMOR:52	
NAME:Hand-crafted Noble Helmet	HEAD_ARMOR:53	
NAME:Hand-crafted Hussar Helmet	HEAD_ARMOR:57	

Only one of them :grin:.  I believe BODY_ARMOR is Resistance.
Shield is not available in game.

NAME:Hand-crafted Shield	BODY_ARMOR:35	HIT_POINTS:1000	LENGTH:36	SPEED:40

Body Armor
Sorted by Body Armor then Leg Armor.
NAME:Hand-crafted Yushman	BODY_ARMOR:51	LEG_ARMOR:21	
NAME:Hand-crafted Hussar Armor	BODY_ARMOR:57	LEG_ARMOR:20	
NAME:Hand-crafted Armor		BODY_ARMOR:58	LEG_ARMOR:21
NAME:Hand-crafted Black Armor	BODY_ARMOR:58	LEG_ARMOR:36	
NAME:Hand-crafted Mirror Armor	BODY_ARMOR:59	LEG_ARMOR:20

Hertog Jan

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Maybe update your list with these pictures and let a mod make it a sticky. I've recently started playing wfas and i couldnt find this info on this board. I think its especially usefull for new players. I didnt had enough money to buy an item, so the merchant told me to sod off before even giving me a chance to see what he had for sale.  :wink:


I felt stupid paying so much for a hand crafted broadsword when I saw a better broadsword for sale at a fraction of the price at an arms merchant, the same with most of the hand-crafted items to be honest.


KidKoala said:
I felt stupid paying so much for a hand crafted broadsword when I saw a better broadsword for sale at a fraction of the price at an arms merchant, the same with most of the hand-crafted items to be honest.

I did the same thing... Bought the Hand-crafted Damascus steel Saber only to find out that the Saber I picked up at the regular store for 1/10th the cost  was much better.  That was what led me to compiling the list...

There are a few gems available, most notably the Double Dutch Pistol, Armet, and Black Armor.  I haven't found better armor pieces available in stores after 200 in games days.

The Euro musket is actually a pretty sweet sniper rifle for standing back and killing... Once you learn the  bullet drop it isn't hard at all to get reliable kills that would have been pure luck in MB/Warband with a bow.  I like to keep it equipped for when I get stuck attacking a wagon circle.  If I end up in a regular battle I just swap out for the double dutch.


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The Black Armour comes in at 62/30 (+prefix) storebought, and thus is potentially better, though of course even harder and more costly to obtain as well.

Apart from the top firearms, there's really no reason to get hand-crafted items in native, even if their good, the lack of a prefix will keep them from being much, if any, better than what you can buy in stores. The 50 armour Morion is nice for flavour/appearance though...
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