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So, I'm noticing there's like a slight difference from in-game to Custom Battle, at least with Sieges

Months back, honestly don't know how long ago, I got introduced to Custom Battles and wanted to try siege Battles as I hadn't started doing war yet, and was nervous about conquering kingdoms

Back then you had a custom character to choose from, as well as choices on which infantryman, archers, and horse troops you want. This was great, wasn't always huge on Custom character due never would fully fit my playstyle

The siege battles were also not the same as in game battles, as I found out later. The feel of them is off.

Like, there's a difference in the design of them vs in-game siege battles

It's always far too easy for the Siege to slide to your win or your enemies in Custom mode. This is not how it goes in a real siege in game.

There's been more back and forth. I dont know, if someone else knows what I'm talking about and can relate, please feel free to relate your own experiences on this

I want to ask if in the future a Custom character build could be created for Custom Battle due to individual playstyles.

For me I've found I like to use a bow, and have worked at it for awhile so I have the best bow and arrows, which allows for two hit kills, or one hit if in the head. I combine this with a two handed Sword as, especially in Siege Battles, a one handed Sword takes 2 or more hits, and is too slow on killing troops to keep up with swarms of enemies

I feel like, in addressing this, we can expand this to levels and perks of being the commander of your siege army. So basically the same layout of choosing your attributes and points as the level up screen in-game. I think this would be great for new and old players, in that they can customize their setup to be the most overpowered Commander, or a starting out Commander. Whatever any player wants to try out

It would be great for experimentation.

The tactics stat for instance effects simulation damage by troops. Bow effects your archers. One handed, your infantry.

Oh, and I think someone has mentioned this before. Add a difficulty mode to the Custom Battles. That would be great! If we had an adjustable difficulty, that will allow things to occur differently

That may be part of why Siege Battles come off the way they do to me. If they are ramped up to Realistic, like it's seeming like, that may explain a lot of why I see, Siege Towers and Battering Ram still reach my walls EVERY SINGLE TIME, despite the fact that:

I have 4 fire catapults
I can have the best troops
And I'm firing at the troops pushing said Siege Tower or Battering Ram which should, combined with my other archers, be slowing them down

Ironically in addressing the Siege Towers and Battering Ram, I remember noticing, I don't know if the archers are functioning properly in Custom Siege Battles

I noticed a bunch are all just bunched together, not shooting anything, not doing anything. In-game they are usually all at their stations, all ready to shoot. With a wall of archers, ironically, on the walls, in-game generally that spells trouble for the attackers, but in a Custom Siege Battle, the archers for some reason...may or may not pose that much of a threat in my last Custom Siege Battle: I only saw 1 archer manning the walls, like 20 bunched together doing nothing inside the walls where they should be shooting through the windows, ...there wasn't a lot of Archers doing anything

Plus, yes, I don't think the catapults fired, maybe once.

So overall...Custom Siege Battles look to need a lot of work

Please, you guys do a great job. If you can, when you have time, look at these ideas. I think Custom Battles could greatly improve from:

- Custom characters for players to invent themselves along with their own stats for leading their troops, and their own armor and weapons to choose from same as in-game

- Adjusting the difficulty level

- fixing troop movement and response for archers

I bring this up because I've found I really love Siege Battles. Especially to be on the defensive, but in-game you can end up the attacker a lot more than defender, so I don't always end up with the chance.

Custom Battle comes off as an easy way to spend just a little bit of time warring it out, without having to go through lots of time in-game. It's fun, just not at the quality it needs to be yet


I just noticed as well, experimenting in Custom Battle. I tried to see if, at least for now if I can exchange weapons with an ally by killing him and taking his bow and quivers.

This did not work

So at least for now, there currently is no way to change up weapons

I'll see if when an ally dies from being killed by an enemy if I can pick up their equipment

The other thing I noticed is the custom character choices currently given have no two handed weapons, except for one I found that uses a two handed polearm. Only thing a siege...thats pretty useless. A pike or two handed Sword I could use, but a, outside of poking people or maybe on a ladder poking people in the head, I mean...that could work, but once the combat Maybe, maybe...using your range, I guess I can see it

I'm not a polearm user at present. I more see use from it on horseback as you get the speed and can insta-kill from there. On ground drop to minimal damage, plus it requires range which equals, against a crowd, your screwed

Will experiment a little bit more to see if I can make custom battles work


Oh, noticed one other thing, an ability to save customizes battle customization would be a good idea

So if you had a siege battle set up with so many specific troops set on your side, and so many on the enemies side, you could save it

This saves time on setting the troops and siege engines

Also if customizing character gets put in, this will save customization overall. Which is a decent amount of time put in

It just makes it easy to do a siege, win or lose, and do it again. Plus if your looking for issues you'll be able to continually do it again and again without losing time

I'm also thinking if their were a reset button to go back to the start of the battle, that would allow you to reset if things go sideways. Once you know a battle is lost being able to reset allows you to start over fresh and try different things


Recruit to see if you can use equipment from allied troops. It's entirely blocked

You can take from enemies, not from allies

Add to that, went to a different siege map, and catapults did nothing

Plus, dang...I tried a different bow, it seriously sucks. Why does the ranger bow fire off target EVERY TIME, at least in Custom Battle

Honestly...not enthused.

I've tried with Custom Siege Battles. It is not working

It will need to be improved before I touch it again

I was put off the first time I tried to play with it, I'm feeling similar now, with more understanding of why

Yeah...there's good stuff there, and it's got a decent setup, but it's not ready for players yet
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