Cursus Honorum II; Release Info and Credits ALPHA I

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Important Note!: Start the mod with WSE otherwise it will not work properly.
Cursus Honorum II folder -> WSE -> WSE.exe

Other links:
Gamefront exe installer
Nexus exe installer

Seek n Destroy - Coding
Tsubodai - Coding, Founder of the mod
Zemdu - Modeler
Dexm - Scener
Jackstory - Modeler
Ivansk - Modeler

Abhuva -> Scenes from his mod Scaedumar
AlphaDelta & Ealabor -> Ancient Warriors Pack
Almansur -> Map Icons
Arch3r -> Bridge Battles
Caba'Drin -> PBOD and various scripts
ChaganArslan -> Natural Maps scenes
Dejawolf and Brytenwalda Team -> Map Icons
Doma -> Sounds and textures from his  Cinematic Mod Compilation
Faradon -> Shield and kopis Osp
Ficus -> Roman Pack
Flanged and Davee -> Dismemberment kit
GothicKnight -> Items from his classical items OSP
Havoc -> Havocafied Bows
Hayalperest -> Scene Props
Jaakko -> Scene props OSP
Janus -> Warband Installer Script
Jrider -> Presentations code
Kolba -> Sling model
Iggor_bb -> Items OSP
Lav -> Some of his mini-mods
leandrojas_ -> Map from Britain to India
Llew2 -> Mount&Gladius OSP
Moss -> Crosshairs
Mr.Master -> Helmets OSP
RgCotL -> Rome OSP and some other models
Ruthven -> Sea battles kit
Sahran -> Two spear attack Kit
SendmeSmile -> Skyboxes and buildings textures
Sonkidd -> Guarantee weapons script
Spak -> Some arrow and quiver models
Specialist -> Sarissa texture
Taragoth -> Freelancer mod
Tempered -> Entrenchment Kit
Tomy44 ( DatFrog!) -> Banners
Waiti -> Diplomacy mod
WildFire Games, Omri Lahav, Boris Hansen, Maggie Li -> Music from the game 0 A.D.
Windyplains -> Tournament Kit
Xenoargh -> Various codes from his mod Blood & Steel

Please notify me if I forgot to credit someone.

Special Thanks:
Hurleur -> Thanks for your help and for fixing some of my bugs

GothicKnight -> Thanks for lending us some of your texture files, taking some of our requests and sending us documentation.

RgCotL -> Thanks for allowing us to use some of your models (even if we lost most of them)

Xenoargh -> Thanks for making your source codes open source

Caba'Drin -> Thanks for answering some questions and for always helping people around the forum

My English Teacher -> Thanks for teaching me almost nothing leaving me with an half retarded English.

Notes and release info​
This is the first release, the mod is currently in alpha stage meaning that there are bugs to be expected.


-> A map of Europe
-> All the settlements with accurate names
-> No more native equipment
-> Population system
-> No more troop trees
-> .... Play and see

Notes about historical accuracy:
What is somewhat accurate:
Troop names, factions, equipment, map.

What is not accurate:
Lord names, Rome should have Camillan reform troops but they have Polybian Reform troops.

Known Bugs:
Trigger 44 bug, if someone can calculate how many hours are spent between two of this error report I could possibly fix the bug.
Some native equipment in heroes, farmers and bandits that you shouldn't meet.
A buggy sea battle scene (must fix spawns)
All scenes are native, thus there may be some desert scenes where there shouldn't.
Freelancer mod is not ready to be played.
Do not attend Tournaments, they are not done yet (currently native and medieval tournaments)


Seek n Destroy

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The dropbox link works fine? It doesn't work for me so I thought it wasn't working.

#Edit -> I had to log out for it to work *facepalm*


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some fast things i found
some items like whole wees_helmets.brf
has saved all texture maps in DXT5 format when in reality only maps with has alpha channel should be saved with this
DXT5 difference from DXT1 is that DXT5 stores alpha channel in 8 bits instead of 1 bit

and DXT5 eats 2x more free HDD space than it really needs to (also re-saving it to DXT1 should a bit reduce graphic cards work)

with files always should be saved as DXT1 is:
all blue normal map files, (with no exceptions)
and probably all spectacular maps files to (unless you have plans to use some shaders form Napoleonic wars)

diffuse maps with has no alpha channels (like plate helmets without plumes or ropes or some kind of feathers) also should be saved as DXT1

some BRF like "ospshields " are saved in M&B standart
and this is the reason why it wont allow you to save recompute tanget directions
in this case normals maps wont do all the work it could do in game...


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One of the best mods I have ever played. It already gives a complete gameplay experience,even if it's in Alpha stage and there is much to be done yet(Me gusta!!). Well done! :grin:


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Is there any way you could launch the mod without wse because it is only working with v 1.143

Seek n Destroy

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Dan11311 said:
anakonda said:
Is there any way you could launch the mod without wse because it is only working with v 1.143
Download the WSE for 1.153. It'll work.
Good to know, I personally have 1.143 to play mods and  ~1.154 on steam to play multiplayer once in a while.