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Been meaning to mention this for a long time.
Am i the only one finds it annoying i have to dismiss my army parties before entering town because they will dump their good quality prisoners or recruit dozens of low level soldiers, that i will only have to throw away over and over again, and replace with tier 6?

A check box for each party to recruit or not recruit, or to limit recruits to types, or....
Definitely at least be able to turn off recruiting would help a lot.

Yes i know you can limit by money allotment, but they just dump the sixty tier 6 i give them and go fill up on one-hundred-twenty tier 2..
Very annoying.
I have never noticed that . Although I must admit, I'm not looking for it. I make sure my parties have plenty of $$$$$ to support their troops and recruit. They don't seem to dump quality troops. They do lose them in battles etc, and replace them with low quality recruits.

I will have to keep a closer watch on AI parties.
Ya, they dont dump them (just the prisoners the highend tier i want them to keep), but they do lose troops too easily and I would appreciate the option to simply turn off recruiting on selected parties and ransoming on selected troops - especially parties in my army where i prefer to manually recruit top tier men only for them, and not have to throw away their dumb recruiting. Would be even better if i could select what troops i want them to focus on recruiting.

Mind you i play pretty smart with my energy so maybe people just dont realize how dumb these ai are.
I can fight battles with 50% more attackers in the opposing army and not lose a single man in the battle; where the AI would lose half or most of his men if he won at all.
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How hard would it be to add a checkbox on each party to select whether or not you want him to add recruits?
Or add a dedicated page with a list of troops and percentages to select from for the ai to follow?

Tell me thats not a relatively reasonable and useful and easy idea to arrange.
Cause i hate like hell telling my ai they can spend 2k gold or unlimited gold on recruits only to find they are full of recruits i would never in a million years ever recruit for battle. They are MY TROOPS! I want a say in what troops they shall be recruiting.
This, so very much this.

And there is a very basic use case -- imagine you don't want parties to recruit infantry, because that slows your army down.

Currently, in every settlement I have to manually iterate over all army's parties and dismiss all infantry troops.

If, instead, I could restrict the type of troops they'd recruit -- that'd be wonderful.

Could be a leadership skill or something.
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