Conqueror's Blade Style Unit Controls for Bannerlord

Would you like to have this controls at bannerlord?

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Now before anyone comes and spams they're different games without reading the thread let me clarify, I'm aware of that. But i dislike how little I control on a battle and how ai can act randomly. If the player can micro manage the basics of the units, bannerlord battles will be more entertaining. Commanding where to attack is a fundamental control that bannerlord lacks. Conqueror's Blade lets you to choose the area and the timing of the attacks which is easy enough to implement for TW.

Conqueror's Blade has unit abilities and cooldowns for those abilities. Let me explain it with an example. Skirmisher troops have ability to throw their javelins, it has about 6-10 seconds of cooldown and they will only throw when you tell them to do so. The area of the attack is shown with a circle. Radius of that circle and the range changes with how good your troops are.
Learning how to use different troops and getting the max out of them is essential, which isn't the case for Bannerlord I'm afraid.
I'll list the most needed controls for Bannerlord that Conqueror's Blade has and how they might be implemented to the Bannerlord.

-By holding attack button, you can choose where you want your troops to attack. This has nothing to do with abilities and you can use it for any sort of unit. Instead of blindly commanding an attack, you can make your troops focus on your selection of point.

-Archers can attack to a specific area. As long as it's in your troops range, they will attack where you want them to attack. I hate to see archers shooting at the shield walls at Bannerlord. You'll have a birdeye like view and move a circle around the map to choose the area. Since the archers at an army will have different range and accuracy, the colour of the attack indicator can vary between;
1-Blue = all of your troops can shoot to that area. 2-Green = Most of your troops can shoot at that area. 3-Grey = Most of your troops can't shoot at that area. 3-Red = out of range.
If you know your troops, you can approximate the efficiency of the attack. This makes knowledge and awareness more valuable, which are not that valuable atm for bannerlord.

-Skirmishers can attack to a specific area. Instead of throwing their javelins at a shield wall, they can attack to the backlines. Throwing abilities have cooldown, skirmishers can't spam their javelins. Since every skirmisher will throw their weapons with your order to the area of your selection, using skirmisher troops is hella fun. Similar range indicators can be used. With all of your skirmishers attacking at the same time, it's epic to see how devastating they are.

-Cavalry charge exists, not only that you can also choose the direction of the charge. Cavalry charge has a limited momentum, meaning if they hit shield walls they'll slow down and eventually get stuck; if the charge is pointed to a loose formation, they'll shatter the enemy. This gives cavalry troops a value. If used correctly 20 cav unit can kill 30-40 enemy troops with a single charge and get out of there. If not used correctly however they'll get stuck in the middle of the enemy lines, which means certain death for no gain.

-Almost every infantary unit have "Charge". When you command "charge", you will choose the path that your soliders will sprint and attack to. Similar to the cav charge, your soliders will have a limited stamina so that they can't run forever and when they hit the enemy troops they will stop. I would like to see this implemented. I might want to attack the left flank of the enemy infantary to break their formations, but there is no way i do that consistantly at bannerlord.

-Shield carrying units have "Forward" ability. They will move forwards and push the enemy back with their shied wall formation. This wont deal much of a damage but you can create a breathing room. Forward ability might be hard to implement for Bannerlord. If infantary commanded forwards when they're at shield wall, this can trigger the pushing abilitiy. With the forward command having cooldown, i belive it could prove to be a useful tool.

Bannerlords can be far better than it's current state. I wanted to suggest this changes from some other game cuz they can carry Bannerlord to another level.
Let me know what you think.
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