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Hello, I want to share my experience and ask to pay attention to this issue:
I have hired companion with a high medicine skill, I gave her one of the best equipment - full cost was around 1 million dennars. She has died in the first battle (we all know, that chance of death is increased in the last patches), so I lost companion and the equipment what I gave her. I think it is not fair, there should be possibility to loot dead companion when he/she dies in your party, in the battle where you won. I think this is much more logical than not having possibility to loot them. Fyi companions die very often, they can't even survive 10 big battles and can you imagine how much equipment you are losing during the game for nothing? (Also, if you don't give them equipment, they will die in their first battle).


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The problem is not getting back the equipment after companions death, the problem is having to invest 1 million in equipment for them, this is absolutely silly. Seriously, when will the equipment have a more reasonable cost?


Fyi companions die very often
well i tend to not use companions except for few roles. 1) i have one running caravan. 2) they lead parties in the sandbox mode.
i just don't give them equipment value of which exceeds ~20k denars, it is simply not worth it. In the current state of the game companions as captains or party leaders and even as combat units are not worth time and investment. I lost a party leader this night in the siege battle, not a big deal, i just absorbed his army and hired the next one to fill the gap.
Companions are only good for a single caravan and as an emissary. They also provide body count for the kingdom, but this is where their use ends. They kinda ok as governors if companion is of the same culture as a town.
So i would not dump 1kk denars on some character unless you just have no use for money. Companions are just bad as it now.

I would give Raganvand's right hand for Alayen or Ymira type of characters in the BL.
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