Companions' and family members' exp gain should be drastically increased when part of the player's party

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Leveling up clan members and companions is such a grind because they usually don't survive. Everyone and their mothers, including me, want the armor protection from ranged weapon and javelin damages to be better already, so I won't suggest it in this post.

The other reason why companions level up so slowly is because they only have a handful of skills they are able to level up when they are in a party in the first place: They can level up any vigor, control and endurance skill already so it's fine (and the solution for faster levelling of these skills would be better armor protection), but they can only level either scouting, stewardship, medicine or engineering if they are chosen for the party role or if they lead a party, they can only level leadership, tactics and roguery if they are leading a party or a caravan, trading only if they are leading a caravan and charm only if you leave them in a settlement. So already, companions can't access 9/18 skills in a party by default (this goes down to 8/18 if you assign them a role, which steps on the toes of an intelligence build character ).

I'm suggesting therefore that companions (wanderers & family) need a multiplier for their exp gains when they are in your party. I don't know if a 2x multiplier is too much, but it seems fair when doing napkin maths (only has access to half the skills, therefore increase exp gain by 2).

@cuce does this seem reasonable to do? Since there's already a perk which increases companion exp gain by 25%, I'm assuming tweaking the companion exp to 2x normal (or however much) exp gain is not a problem on the technical side.


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Yes, this should happen. Right now the scales are roughly the same but the AI doesn't actually perform nearly as many XP-gaining actions as the player, so their growth tends to be stunted except for certain builds.


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I can't see a visible impact of gaining exp for companions via sending them to do quests. First of all, it takes them much more time then myself to finish the quest. Second, exp gained is nowhere to be seen. And I send them on the missions very often. It might also help, at least I haven't found such info anywhere, to put into mission description also which skill it will help to increase.
Oh I forgot that we could send companions on quests in the first place despite doing that relatively commonly. I think it's a really good feature (despite its success being rng based) but the exp rewards are barely noticeable. Yeah the exp rewards should both be increased and which skill will increase should be written on the quest.


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Yep + sending companions on missions should be an essential source of exp for them.
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