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Summary: There is some bug on forums. We can't see developers posts in mp subforum. It almost seem as developers don't want to have any conversation with players.
How to Reproduce: Read forums and try to actively post.

Seriously we players don't bite. We know you(devs) are reading some topics, giving us some info won't hurt you. There are some big problems with mp. Giving us answers wouldn't hurt you. (there always will be complainers, just grow a thicker skin..and talk with us)
For now most of us feel like you just ignore us and that mp is something you don't care about which I hope is wrong assumption.
Stuttering that you are trying to fix.. Give us some insight why it's hard to find(what you tried etc) this will surely help with all the rage we are seeing on forums. I'm pretty sure you tried to recreate stutterings on your end, for some reason it didn't work and you want us to upload perf_test recordings. If you don't know what makes some ppl have stutters and some don't, give us info. Maybe we will be able to figure it out? What gpu/cpu/ram was used in tests? Maybe it's about win version or steam/discord overlay? You only have few ppl working on mp. Some of players might give some insight if we can see whole picture.
Whats up with Q on servers in US? Why people can't find matches in ranked modes? Maybe we could get player count when looking for matches back?
What's up with ranks? Why those are not fixed yet?
How does matchmaking work? Why some people are left in Q for 40+mins when others get to play 3 matches in same time? Example from real Q:
Person 1 Q at 20.00, person 2 Q at 20.03. Person 2 finds a game, plays and finishes it. Person 1 is still in Q, person 2 Q again at 20.18. Person 2 finds game. Person 1 still waits in Q, person 2 finishes second game. Person 2 Q again at 20.30. They both find a game at 20.35. Shouldn't system pick people who quenued first for matches? It seems it doesn't care who quenued when.

I do know that such post doesn't belong here but I and others mp players are pretty desperate at this point.. Apologies.
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