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Hello, I come back to silverstag after a while because life has slowed down a bit. However I'm sad to see development has stopped.

I see we have multiple versions that exist:
The 0.26 oficial download
à 0.27 in devellopement
and a 0.30 that was forked i dont know where from.

Is there a link to a git repository that has all the stuff? I think we should work to clean and polish what we have, perhaps make a clean list of features and a "official" release. Silverstag does not deserve t be so dead. The features we already have makes it in my opinion far better than any other mod we have.


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Hi. The newest release is my 0.30 which is a fork of previous full release. In .27 there were some features under development and I wasn't able to pick up on them, so I decided to fork 0.26
If you want to play with files, you are more than welcome to do so  :smile:
You will need files from google drive files (I've restored them from my bin) and dev files found in Silverstag Github here:


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So i download this mod yesterday before you announce the time of death, which is so sad by the way because this mod is second only to Brytenwalda, and i download the WSE last version and it did't work, 30 seconds into the game and it crash with ((8incode)) error, can you please tell me what the wrong with it.

thank you in advance and good luck froward in your next project.