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This most likely won't be a thing, but I'd like to pose the idea of having a way to create custom units and troop trees in game. This is just a way to appeal to more of the fantasy some players might want to see in units in their army and I even have an interesting way of implementing the recruitment of them. Here are the methods and implementations, each is a separate idea, but could be used together.

1. Clan Creation. This is a fairly simple method, basically you can create your own minor clan to use in games. This is an NPC clan and will act like all other minor npc clans. You can create their unique units based on point builds, where basically you are given a certain amount of points to spend on customizing things like their stats and equipment for each Tier. They acquire their units just like all other minor clans acquire their unique units.

2. Player Clan Units. This idea is the one I favor the most. This would allow you to create 1 (Or more potentially?) Custom units specific to YOUR clan and they can be saved in case you want to use those clan units on other playthroughs. Again it would be using a point-buy system for each tier of the unit. So basically you get more points to spend on the unit's equipment/abilities/etc. the higher tier it is, capping out at T5 (Maybe even T6?) Now how would you get these units unique to your clan? Well, I'm going to repurpose units that are fairly useless and make them have an interesting use! Peasants! You can now recruit common peasants to your warband and when they hit their first level, you can branch them off into the T1 version of your clan's units. Yes, peasants now are useful clay to mold into your clan's elite fighting force! You could even have it where simple bandits/brigands/raiders/etc. with the right perk, can be turned into your clan's units when you level them up. For example a Sea Raider in your army might become... idk... a Huskarl or a Camel-riding Javelin Thrower, whatever your unique clan units are!

3. Kingdom/Culture Editor. Basically this either would let you replace or add units using the same point buy system as mentioned before to each of the base game kingdoms/cultures. You want to add in shieldmaidens to Sturgians, go for it! You want the shieldmaidens to replace the Veteran Spearman, sure! It's probably the simplest way to implement custom units but it has a greater affect on overall gameplay and the balance of the factions especially if your custom unit turns out to be garbagio lol.

Tell me your thoughts! Would you like to make your own units in game? Why or why not?
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We'll see, maybe it will appear.

Certainly the ability to edit characters in the clan. The pool of points is one thousand and each improvement or addition of a character costs up to the limit of zero.

I mentioned the possibility of coming to Calradia. Slave rebellion and creating your own clan from slaves (aseraj), shipwreck with survivors (sturgia) or other such possibilities. a new faction (preferably a unique culture) would have its equipment and appearance, as well as some copied from the nearby faction where the new faction was established. There is some space and building your own settlement would be something interesting, and instead of choosing the character's path, you could play with it and as the character "matured", the settlements would change and two new cities would be created from ordinary villages, which would be at risk of bandit attacks. Because the factions did not consider the newcomers a threat, the bandits saw a potential source of loot.

when playing as a child, you choose whether you want to be a hunter or a pot dealer :wink:
and depending on the chosen path, for example, as a hunter, you are given the task of hunting a boar or other game, and depending on the results, you will receive so many development points. It would be nice if your parents were alive and you could visit them in the village. Designating a capital would be nice too. Move your house with your parents who are not like lords but ordinary NPCs who have their own guard to protect them. (it's a pity that the city manager doesn't have his own units and defends the city independently and retreats to the fortress and with him to defend the city in the suburbs and then in the chamber)
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