B Fantasy Chronicles of Might and Magic[0.6 released July 1'st 2016]

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What version of Warband is this for?  HoMM series is my favorite games of all time so this mod is sweet.  Getting alot of errors though.  Every tournament round I get a scroll of errors.  I'm playing on 1.168 of warband. 

Also can't use block with that tournament sword?


I just found, and installed, this mod.
Can I really get my HoMM 4 fix from a Warband mod?
It would appear so.
If I ever wish to indulge in my first homosexual experience, I will proposition these devs.
Assuming any of them have internet access, are not in prison (yeah, but still), and can be found in this plane of existence. It's hard to know what happened, given the silence on the thread.


Liches. I can take 30 Liches into a dragon utopia, or against any army of a couple hundred without worrying about taking any losses.


Sergeant at Arms
Can someone recommend a helm that fits the Ogre character, my guys been sporting a straw hat for ages and while it may look rather dapper, it does not fit his "ME BIG KILL MACHINE !" persona  :wink:
I have tried a few but they all have "skin" poking thro' ...


Dear COMM Team

I have a few questions about possible future features  and a current issue.
since i didn't find anyone asking about it or I didn't look hard enough.

1) One legged Ogres
why Ogres only have one leg possibly only the stating gear I didn't check
but its still an a thing which I wanted to inform you about just in case.

2) No Orcs?
why aren't Orcs a playable race? I guess they are quite similar to goblins and ogres
but they still have a different flavor to them. I guess it is on a lower priority
because they are quite similar to Ogres and Goblins so you prefer to work on something else
that is more important?

P.S same question as about orcs but with all the other unplayable races like Minotaurs .

3) Unit sounds
Is it possible to import the unit sounds from the hero games at least for non-humans?

4) Fog of war
Not the default M&B "Fog of war" but like in the heroes games,when you are on the overland map screen
it could be either explored or unexplored so you would at least know where your scouting radius ends. Another possibility
maybe you know of a mod which does that already?

You have made a GREAT MOD its like a whole new game and a good one
thank you very much for your attention all of you are great, TRULY A MOD AND A MOD TEAM WORTHY OF THE FRANCHISE!!! :party:


Any tips on best armor and 2 handed sword? I have artifacts, but still missing chestplate and 2H sword.
Also where can i find bow of Sharpshooter?


This mod is too Native for my tastes... just so many convenience features missing. For example, you can't marry female lords, and theres no auto equip from loot pile for companions.
Is this mod abandoned? If the author is still around, is the module system available? There's definitely some interesting things going on in this mod
Is this mod abandoned? If the author is still around, is the module system available? There's definitely some interesting things going on in this mod
The mod is likely to never be updated again given its release 10 years ago and its final update 6 years ago; its author has been inactive on TW forum for 2 years but you may try your luck communicating with them on ModDB. I think it is worth it giving it a shot.
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