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Summary: So I have done a good amount of research but I am still confused as to who inherits who's culture, if this is a bug or just how the game is at the moment. I have seen complaints about the children only gaining their mothers culture regardless if its the player character thats a woman or an AI spouse. That is how I then decided to go about playing the game, and I married my brother to an Imperial and myself to an Aserian. My brother has children of both cultures yet I consistently have Battanian children. I tried this on two different play throughs. Each time the percentage of mixed children did change for my siblings but I continuously am producing the same culture no matter how many times I refresh the birth. I actually preferred them gaining their mothers culture as opposed to mine and maybe it was just to much to add in the game but a choice option for which culture the child would be raised under would have been ideal. If my main character is only producing one culture I will start to choose the character based on culture and not stats to make sure the bloodline isn't solely battanian because I feel like that would eventually cause rebellions all over the map
The childrens culture is determined by these factors, if the mother or father of the children is the main hero, it will be the culture of the hero. Otherwise all the other culture selection is 50% father or 50% mother by chance. There is no bug here.
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