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I've played my current game about the longest I've played a game without giving up on it. As Southern Empire I've taken over all the Aserai & Khuzait territories as well as some of the Sturgian & Northern Empire territories Point being that I'm fairly late in the game.

Previously I've had caravans and they've done well and lasted a fair amount of time before being captured. This game I seem to lose them fairly quickly. I'm not sure if its because its later in the game or just coincidence, but I noticed something. When you start a caravan you are given the option of paying more for a stronger caravan. I always go with the stronger version. I assume this has stronger troops, but I noticed it is only 30 members. When I look at the map almost all the caravans have more than 30 members, many have as many as 50. If I'm paying for a stronger caravan, why doesn't my caravan have 50 members? I think Taleworlds needs to either increase the number of caravan members for a stronger caravan or, provide a 3rd option for an elite caravan (or something) that includes 50 members.

I could be very wrong, but I think the reasoning is "fewer, stronger guards" x "more, weaker guards" for the caravans..
It's a long time since i've last played (I'm waiting for feasts to return, if they'll ever) so i could be talking BS.
Yeah caravans need to be standard parties that engage in trade instead of hunting bandits / other parties. That way you could choose their composition (talk let me see your troops) and the size would be governed by party size limits.


If it will no longer be easy to make money, then there isn't any point to it and they may as well end caravans. Since I don't personally control the caravan its not like they are making it something I have to use more skill on or something.


darn . you replied too quick XD
i insta deleted my reply since i may be wrong . as i havent been keeping up with updates
at start of EA caravans had 50 men. then they decreased it to 30 with the option of getting better units. in any case, bandits scale with player level. when u get to clan tier 4 caravans become an expensive hobby at best. there are perks that could help in tactics and scouting, but your companions will never be able to reach that normaly. so you basicly you have the option to kick your caravans in late game or cheat. there is a good reason why so many people rely on smithing. until TW decides to actually fix the late game but that could take a while.


reading this threat hurt my friggin soul. i just posted on reddit and made a new thread with a similar complaint. the caravans arent even producing enough gold to be worth it at ANY POINT now. my carvans have been operating for 160+ days, and theyve never earned more than 500 denars.

meanwhile, my longest playthrough, they earned like 1000-5000 a day. each. and the longer they lasted, the MORE they earned. they havent just nerfed caravans, theyve completely crippled them. i dont play bannerlord to fight looters and bandits. i play bannerlord becaue it lets you skip all that silly **** and move straight into building a financial foundation for your empire.
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