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I became a soldier for Yang Jingyu (not the king/lord, the regular officer person, possible bug??) and now I want to join the Anti-Japanese army, but the option to join doesn't pop up when I talk to him, even though it will pop up for everyone else (including the other Yang Jingyu), they just reinform me that I work for the first Yang Jingyu. I can't seem to find any way around.


I've had a similar thing happen to me where I became a mercenary for the local kumingtang army and when I applied to become a vassal he told me I already had an oath, I just figured the designer of the mod wanted me to fufill my 3 month merc contract


how much longer btw(sorry) I check for updates every few days, I'm loving this mod but can't wait until there are some kingdom managment fetures, with the My Faction I can't seam to give new lords fiefs or pick a culture for my faction.  I'm sure all that will be in next version from what I've read


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I always saw people talking about kingdom management, but I dont know what it is.
I believe my officers and radiomen funtion have included some kingdom management, what more do you need?


no I like that feature alot(radio men), but when I can only take 80 men with me, I would like to give a castle I've conquered to a vassal or in this case maybe a general.  I can't remmember who's mod lets you do that, sword of damocles does for sure I think maybe a few others. 

the way it works in Sword of Damocles is after you have your faction you go to your castle there is a guy that you can talk to and one of the things he does is lets you recruit a lord into your faction.  I'm not sure if it's already an exisiting lord or a randomly generated one.  anyways then "bill the terrible" or "Mao Ze Dong" joins your faction as a vassal and waits at your capitol(first place you conquered?) then you go talk to him and give him a fief you control and he collects it's taxes and builds an amry just like any other AI lord or king, except you can tell him to raid a certian villiage or patroll an area, stay home, or to follow you.  that might not be exactly how it works but something like that.  you would of course do it to your own flavor, like after you get a general maybe you can give him a fief and he becomes an NPC lord under your command.  also I don't belive the civilian branch has a general
even if I get to the point where I can have an army of 200+ it'd still be easier to manage my kingdom/faction with a few other lords to at least keep watch on certian fronts.  but I'm able to even tollerate that. the main thing I'd like is being able to pick a culture for my own faction, I'm not a fan of the civilian troops and unless I'm missing something if I make my own faction I can only have civilian troops.  I'm ok with what ever your doing I like this mod alot, I've been playing it almost every day since I downloaded it.  keep up the great work.

I'm looking forward to alot of stuff your doing, I've never been big into modding, not enough attention span, but I read up on how to make faces and get the scripts for them.  I would be willing to spend some time to make a bunch of diff japanese and chinese faces and e-mail you the "scripts"? code line that you get. if it would be usefull.  at least for your kings lords generals ect.

anyways I edited this so many times I'm not even sure it makes sence anymore
I like what your doing

my main things I want for kingdom managment and I think most peoples that have mentioned it were
1. being able to appoint vassals
2. being able to pick a culture (civilian faction has some good stuff (hitmen have tommy guns with the 75round drum) but no general and I wasn't able to make machine gunners maybe just a bug)
3. just for asthetics being able to change the name from "My Faction" but I'm willing to overlook that if I had to the choice to choose

this is soooo off original topic I'm done
In Prophecy of Pendor, you capture a "Friend" and talk to him, and turn him into a vassel. I wonder why they never betray you..............

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