Can anyone please add More Metal Sounds to this? (Submod, Personal use at least)

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As the title says, it should be fairly easy for somebody who is even remotely into modding. I tried editing the sounds.txt myself but just did not know how to proceed, after a few failed attempts I quit. The only way I could make it work was to completely replace the current sounds.txt file with the one from more metal sounds mod, but at the cost of hearing the unique battle shouts, ambient sounds and hand cannon firing sound from this mod. In other words, it made it unplayable.

Sadly, it is also unplayable with the current sounds. Considering most infantry wear a fullish suit of plate, the infantry engagements should echo with the clashing of steel, but here instead, we have the pitiful native sounds.

It's not so bad in native, in fact, it's not bad at all, I never noticed it, since native basically has no plate armor, but here, It's almost as if I'm playing without sounds. None of the hits in the game sound right. When I fail to do any damage to a fully plated knight due to hitting him in the most armored parts or somethig(happens often with, but is not a bad thing at all) I expect to hear sound that tells me that...for the lack of better words - that my sword bounced of the plate armor.

More Metal sounds is absolutely perfect for this, and I badly want to continue playing this mod, but cannot without this. IF anyone(meaning this really isn't targeted to the devs of the mod) could do it I would be extremely grateful. :smile:

Here's the link to more metal sounds mod:

To summarize; The purpose of this request would be to add everything from more metal sounds mod(the weapon to armor clashing sounds, weapon to weapon clashing sounds, weapon/arrow/etc to shield sounds, walking sounds, horse running sounds) without replacing any unique sounds from the mod; ambience, battle shouts, grunts, death screams, gunpowder weapon sounds etc. Oh, one thing they did right with the sounds is the sword drawing sound. Personally I'd like to keep that one, if possible. :smile:

EDIT: I apologize for the ****ty grammar. Was very late when I typed this.


Most sounds inside more metal sound mods are mostly replacements aren't they ? can't you just pick what you need and replace the sounds you think needs replacements ?
As I've said. I have tried replacing the files I want manually, converted them to the right format too, but the text file just caused me problems. :sad:
I'm just guessing here,i havn't done a lot of work with sounds,but i have done a music upgrade like what you are doing.
Try adding the unique sounds from KoTLB sounds.txt into your More Metal Sounds sounds.txt,and for every line you add,add 1 to the number at the top of the file.
Then put your modified More Metal Sounds sounds.txt in your KoTLB folder.Good luck.
I did it the other way around, meaning I inserted the lines from mms to kotbl sounds.txt. I'll try what you have suggested. Thank you. :smile:
Nope. I thought everything would work properly, i double checked so many times, really thinking I did it right, but nope. It just does not work. :sad:
Damn.i'm afraid i don't know what to do now,i am sorry. :oops:

Note to other modders:If you think you know something that may help him,please post!
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