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Ranged units will sometimes continue to fire when you tell them to "hold fire". They sometimes don't fire (at least for a really long time) when you tell them to "fire".

Units being moved in line/loose/scatter formation will auto engage nearby enemies, even if you are spam click-moving them in the opposite direction. This causes problems when trying to place infantry in close quarter situations, as they will auto attacking any near units.

If you are running from a nearby enemy, maybe kiting with archers, and they get somewhat close your units will jog backwards looking at them instead of just turning and running full speed, once they get a little closer your units charge them. This allows slower armored units to catch archers wearing potato sacks.

"Hold position" doesn't seem to be a hard rule ESPECIALLY if the AI has already decided to attack someone. Also if you start spamming it they can start to move around spastically. If you have them in place in "shield wall" this is when "hold" is most reliable.

"Fall back" needs to be spammed if your AI has decided to engage nearby enemy, and even then it doesn't always work. Another thing with "fall back" is they will sometimes run right into the enemy, or a wall, or change directions if a single cavalry rides passed them. They should probably just run in the opposite direction they are facing and that's it. No need for pathing or decision making that way, just literally turn and run in the opposite direction they were facing when the command was given. This way the player always knows where the troops will be running when they give the order.

The AI often clump onto single targets, and once they are in pursuit they don't easily change their mind. This allows enemy captains to lead samba lines of death. It can be so frustrating trying to draw your troops away from a captain so they will actually fight the enemy AI. It seems there is an issue where if they lock onto the captain, even manually moving them far away from the captain doesn't actually remove the lock they have on that unit. Even if you move them right into enemy AI troops and f1 f3 they will all turn around and go running toward the Captain again.

I really think the AI should have a rule where no more than 2 units from the same formation will engage a single enemy unit as long as there are other enemy units in the near vicinity. This way the captain can't draw half your formation away from a fight. It seems like distance is the main priority, but 10 troops shouldn't all just lock onto the nearest troop and ignore the rest of the troops... there needs to be some prioritizing.

Another issue is that the captains are faster than the AI units. A captain of pretty much any class can outrun an AI units of pretty much any other class. Shouldn't happen. This allows fully armored 2 handed wielding captains to chase after dudes wearing burlap and catch them 1 by 1.

These are the most common ones off the top of my head.
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Forwarded to the QA team for further investigation. We will reach out again if we need more information. Thanks for reporting and sorry for any inconvenience!
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