Need More Info BUG: clan stays in war with other kingdom after creating kingdom

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So when you leave a kingdom and keep your holdings, then they declare war on your clan. But then later on when you talk to the settlement governor and create your own kingdom, then what happens is that your kingdom declares war on the kingdom you are in war with, but the war between your clan and the kingdom wont disappear. Once you make peace with the kingdom, then in your kingdom menu you can see that everything is cool, and they stop seeing your kingdom as a foe, they wont attack you, but game will show that they are in war with your clan.

How to Reproduce:
Well, leave a kingdom and keep your holdings, then create a kingdom of your own before making peace with the kingdom you just left.

Have you used cheats and if so which:
Mod was used: Adjustable Level Up Points - shouldn't affect the functionality tho

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Community Support
Community Support
Hey, have you tried reproducing the issue on a new, un-modded campaign? If the issue is persistent on a new campaign after manually removing mod files and verifying the integrity of the game files, please let me know. Thank you for your time.


Hey, i was not able to reproduce the issue on the live version. Please make sure that this is not a mod related issue by following the steps.

I actually have this issue aswell, I thougth it was a known issue.
I've always had it in all my plays where I leave a faction and keep my holdings.
I never play with mods.

Since I'm aware of this issue, I just go up to the nearest holding of the kingdome my clan is at war with(after I left them), talk to the governor of the fief(castle/town) ask for peace - typically have to pay a 1 time fee of 100-200k denars.

Then go back to my own fief, make my kingdome - no war.
So for the op, make war before forming your own kingdome to avoid it.


Well I dont have an issue with the bug during gameplay, so I don't mind finishing my first playthrough like this.
I just wanted to report the bug, cuz it is very low effort to report these when you run into them, so like you don't feel like you have to work on it.

Anyway I actually do have a save file for this and I can give instructions on how to reproduce it with that on that savefile. One sec


mkay here it comes:
took a while cuz i forget my login credentials

World status:
So you are in the Battanian kingdom atm leading an army.
You have a governer in Ocs Hall.
You are planning to leave them behind, keep your holdings and make your own kingdom.

Reproduction steps on the save file:
1. disband the army
2. go to Ocs Hall
3. leave the kingdom and keep all your holdings
4. create your own kingdom without making peace with the battanians - at this point you will be in war, but when you go to the diplomacy tab, you will already see that the battanians are in war with other fractions then your kingdom, vlandrians and your clan
5. if you make peace with them, the diplomacy tab will show that they are in peace with your kingdom, but still in war with your clan. They wont attack you tho.
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