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No, I didn't use any mods.


After I got the quest to hunt down brigands, I see lots of enemy troops marked with the cyan exclamation mark as potential targets. Howeverm, when I target one of them and then hit the fast forward button, I won't engage them when they stop moving. I chase them, catch up to them, but instead of engaging, both them and my party just stop moving.
And no, it is not that I am chasing enemy parties that are too fast. I chase slower moving ones and we both stop, I chase them into peninsulas where they cannot escape and we just stop moving, we never ever engage. Have been chasing them for half an hour now and no combat will ever engage. It is frustrating.
Go a saved game.


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Are you holding the Alt button while clicking on them by any chance? That makes your party follow theirs but not engage.
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