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BRE Public siege

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[BRE] Falcom


The Kingdom of Bretonnia welcomes seasoned warriors and fresh-faced recruits alike to our public siege server. Join us to experience large-scale public seating on a range of shared maps (thanks to mappers) and our own custom maps (BRE Siege Mod).

In order to ensure an enjoyable experience for all participants, we must emphasise the importance of maintaining a respectful and cordial atmosphere on the server. Therefore, we request that players abide by our rules at all times. Show respect to your fellow warriors and remember that chivalry is the hallmark of a true knight.

The Kingdom of Bretonnia brings together both veterans from the Mount and Blade community and newcomers. It is characterised by its focus on roleplaying and organised battles. Answer the call of your lord and fight to defend the glorious realm of Bretonnia !

BRE Siege mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2985324633 (Start 06/11/2023)
Our website for server stats: https://www.bre-siege.com

- Type: Siege
- Friendly fire: ON
- Max players: 220
- Automatic ban

- Intentional teamkill is prohibited
- Be respectful in the chat

Update 06/11/2023:
- 8 New maps BRE Siege mod, thanks Bullero !
Bullero's maps
- Acre
- Neuenburg
- Frederiksborg
- Hades

From BRE:
Hilbert's maps
- Desfleuves
- Desfleuves Day

Logvaar's maps
- Chateau Epee
- Hochpointe

Frédéric's maps
- Soreil
- Command for vote skip the map
- Commands for cheer
- Automatic changes maps depending on the number of players (small: 1 to 49, medium 50 to 139, large: 140+)

If you are a mapper yourself and would like to contribute to the server with a map you have made, please get in touch with us as we are always looking for new creations to add to the map list.
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