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I encountered the error when I was trying to implement new bow to our mod. Quick explanation is any kind of bow deformer shaders (bow_deformer, longbow_deformer) just white washes the basecolor (diffuse) map completely. It is caused by usage of metallic map (Red channel of Specular map). If I disable the specular or metallic map, basecolor is working fine. It shouldn't be one of the choises we should make while implementing new models to the game.
To make sure it is not entirely based on our module I created new module to try it out and still have the same error. It might be the case, where Native Bannerlord doesnt use any kind of bows which contains high metallic value in specular map but it is needed in modding.


Here is the version with disabled specular map:

Also while this shader washes the basecolor completely, some places blue color appear where AO map is detailed. Such as:

Another error is related with factor color. While basecolor is washed out, if I try to use dark factor colors it brokes entirely (H:0 S:0 V:31)
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